Fantasy Factory: Live Your Brand (7/19/10)

Last week Rob was the one living “recklessly”, but tonight  it sounds like Drama is going to be the one getting a lesson in living “young & reckless”.

Live Your Brand: Rob enlists Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals to teach Drama how to live recklessly.

As much as I thought the episode revolved around Drama and living recklessly, it also showed us a lot more of Big Cat than we have seen in the past. Basically Rob tells Drama that he can’t promote a brand called “Young & Reckless” if he doesn’t live recklessly. So at the release party for a new shirt design they run into Chad Ochocinco and invite him back to the Fantasy Factory for some antics. I honestly thought Ochocinco would have a lot bigger part of the episode, but he really just came by to ride a bike into the foam pit and bring Rob a trebuchet, which is essentially a catapult of sorts. They launched Lady Drama the Mannequin and he left… that was it. Rob then decided he was going to smash the shit out of Big Cat’s car so him and drama took a sledgehammer to the entire thing, basically destroying it. Rob felt bad in the end and told Big Cat that he got carried away and would make things right by buying him a new car.

The car was the best part of the episode. Rob bought him an old caprice that was painted like a striped tiger/lion or something, but before he revealed what the car actually was it was covered in a huge furry cat head resembling chester cheetah from the Cheetos brand, it was hysterical. They drove it around town and people loved it.

At the very end, Rob and Drama live recklessly by jumping out of a large building into a giant airbag. This was actually pretty cool, I’ve been bungee jumping and skydiving, but I think it would be really cool to just jump out of a tall building into an airbag with no restrictions. So both Rob and Drama did it and apparently that was enough for Rob to allow Drama to continue selling a line called “Young & Reckless”. Overall I thought it was a pretty good episode, but that car man, I was seriously in tears… good shit.

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