Fantasy Factory – It’s Barry…Barry Bright! (8/2/10)

Looks like Rob is going to have another alter ego to go along with Bobby Light, but this time he’s an exercise guru instead of an R & B sensation. It’s not mentioned in the synopsis below, but I’m pretty sure we get to see Chanel in a variety of bikinis tonight for her Maxim Magazine photoshoot, so that’s good. I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap.

It’s Barry…Barry Bright!: Rob develops an alter ego named Barry Bright, who films an infomercial for a new piece of exercise equipment.

Barry Bright, the one and only…. What a ridiculous infomercial. Obviously Jeremy is pretty smart and realizes that the infomercial is not going to help market the iCore Cruncher at all, but at least it was fun to watch. So basically the episode revolved around Rob’s alter ego, Barry Bright, putting together an infomercial for the iCore Crunch, an exercise device that his personal trainer invented. I’ll admit it is a cool idea, not sure if they are actually going to do anything with it, but cool idea none the less. The 2nd part of the episode dealt with Chanel getting a spread in Maxim Magazine and she was looking pretty good. I wish they would have focused more of the time on her in a bikini instead of the exercise thing, but either way it was a pretty entertaining episode.

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