Fantasy Factory: I’m an Awkward Enabler! (8/30/10)

Fantasy Factory: I'm An Awkward Enabler

BIG CAT EPISODE!!!! I actually kinda like Big Cat’s awkwardness, it reminds me of Drama’s awkwardness during the Rob & Big days, although I think Drama has more “stage” presence than his brother does.

I’m An Awkward Enabler!: Rob organizes an intervention to address his cousin Big Cat’s awkwardness.

So my DVR decided to delete all of my series recordings which includes Fantasy Factory so by the time I realized it was on I missed everything up until the first commercial, but what I did see was pretty amusing. Rob stages an awkward intervention for Big Cat’s awkwardness, which was in itself extremely awkward. So to help him get over his awkwardness they made him give a speech at the opening of one of Rob’s Safe Spot Skate Spots and he actually did pretty well with it. I think if Big Cat was in front of the cameras more he would eventually develop more confidence and be fine with it, I mean look at Drama he was awkward as hell during the early Rob & Big years, but eventually he grew into it and became more comfortable.

So that was basically the gist of the episode, I don’t know if I missed anything at the beginning, but between the Safe Spot Skate Spot opening across from a 7-11 and Big Cat’s awkwardness the episode was pretty entertaining.

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