Entourage Series Finale

entourage series finale

So what did you guys think of the series finale of Entourage? For the most part I liked it, it kind of felt forced in a way. They seemed to have built up all these story lines throughout the season and then wrapped them all up in one fell swoop. I’m honestly sad to see the show go. I don’t think it was quite done yet and there was more that they could have done with it in the future, but I guess it’s better to go out on top than to be forced out. With that said, let’s take a look at the episode itself… warning, spoilers ahead.


Pretty much all of the main characters have had their own separate story lines this season, which is actually really cool. It was nice to see them all doing something for themselves at this point and not relying solely on Vince to support them. Funny enough, it’s actually all the guys that help support Vince this time… in getting a girl, which usually isn’t a problem for him. On the other side of things Eric fought with his feelings for Sloan and how their relationship ended while Ari did the same with his wife. Drama fought with Andrew Dice Clay over their new cartoon while Turtle tried to build his own empire by bringing their favorite restaurant out to LA. In the end none of them could help themselves no matter how hard they wanted to. They still needed that strong bond of friendship they’ve developed over the years in order to help them realize what they needed to. Vince’s friends help him get the girl, the gang collective helps E and Sloan open up a new line of communication, Ari’s daughter as well as Dana Gordon help Ari realize what he really wants in life, Drama puts his faith in Andrew Dice Clay and everything works out and no matter how hard he tries, Turtle realizes that he still need Vince around to help him out.

I thought most of those story lines wrapped up nicely and made for a pretty good series finale. The only thing I didn’t like was Vince’s story. You really mean to tell me that after all of the talk about not dating celebrities and being so professional that Sophia is the type to just up and marry someone after a 24 hour date? Come on. I honestly thought the whole thing was just a ploy to get Sloan and E back together, which in a sense it was, but it still seemed as though the Paris wedding was happening… I don’t know, it just didn’t seem to fit with what we knew about Sophia and what we know about Vince. I understand he’s changed since he got out of rehab, that was evident this season, but it still didn’t sit right with me. Everything else in regards to the rest of the character’s story lines fit them well and went along with what we know about the characters, it was just that one that didn’t really fit to me. And for those of you that stuck around until after the credits you know that Ari has no been offered the position of CEO of [the company that owns the studio, sorry not really sure which company], and we know there’s plans for a movie in the making, so what do you think will happen? I’m pretty sure, since we know there’s a movie, that Ari will take the job, move back to LA and things will get all messed up when he brings Vince and the boys back in for another go at Hollywood. And guess what, I’ll be ready when that finally happens.

So thanks HBO and Entourage, it’s been a fun ride and while I’m sad to see it go, I’m glad you went out on top. And I’ll be honest, I know Kevin Connolly has been in other stuff and will continue to be in other things, but I don’t see Kevin Dillon and Adrian Grenier doing a whole lot after this and while I also don’t see Jerry Ferrara doing much either, I liked his character the best out of anyone so I wish him the best… I wish them all the best, but go get em Turtle.