Eastbound & Down

Danny McBride plays a washed up major league pitcher who moves in with his brother and sister in-law after his baseball career takes a turn for the worse. To pass the time and pay the bills he gets a job as a substitute gym teacher at his old school where his old high school fling is now a teacher.

It may not sound like the greatest show in the world, but if you know Danny McBride and enjoy his style of comedy, this show is amazing. Never mind the fact that Danny himself throws like a girl and there’s no way he’s believable as a major league pitcher, the premise of the show and the story lines created within it are comedic gold. With cameos by Will Farrell and Craig Robinson the show is by far one of the funniest TV shows of seen in a long time. I wish I had HBO so I could have watched it when it actually aired, but the DVDs are definitely worth picking up even if the first season is only 6 episodes.

I didn’t really have much to write on this topic I just wanted to get the word out that this show is hysterical and I think everyone should check it out.

“I’m Fuckin In, You’re Fuckin Out!” -Kenny Powers