Dexter Season 7

dexter season 7

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He saw. She saw. Like one of Dexter’s own victims, it’s all on the table now. All of the carefully balanced lies are poised to unravel, leaving a trail of red splotches that leads all the way back to the Bay Harbor Butcher, the Ice Truck Killer and the birth of a vigilante murderer, awash in blood and viscera.

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Previously on Dexter… [Spoilers Below]

At the end of season 6, Dexter’s own half-sister and lieutenant of Miami Metro Homicide, Deb Morgan, walked in during the coup de grâce of Dexter’s ritualistic dispatch of the Doomsday Killer. How will she react, having come face-to-face with her brother’s Dark Passenger?

And what about Louis? That weirdo procured a key piece of stolen evidence from season one and mailed it to Dexter’s apartment. Couple this with the fact that Dexter has been using Louis’s proprietary search software to look up information on his most recent kills and ritual venues, and you’ve got a guy that most certainly knows the truth about our favorite black-gloved and green-henleyed executioner.

Truthfully, season six was not that great; perhaps only because it was born in the long shadow cast by John Lithgow’s naked ass. Season five also suffered from this sequential proximity. Season six really only gave fans two memorable moments—the unintentionally hilarious and infinitely repeatable line, “Hello, whore,” and the best cliffhanger ending since Trinity forever shortened the guest list at the cast wrap parties.

The way I see it, the overarching storyline can go in one of two directions this season:

  1. Deb goes after Dexter. She’s just been made lieutenant, so she’ll feel obligated to do the right thing and call in Dexter’s murder. However, being Deb, she’ll likely begin to second-guess her harsh initial judgment and she’ll feel torn between helping and hunting her fugitive brother/secret lover.
  2. Deb assumes this is a one-time act of vengeance and helps him cover it up. The Doomsday Killer threatened Deb and kidnapped Dexter’s child. On the heels of having lost his wife to a different serial killer, it could be plausibly sold that Dexter just snapped. Although all the plastic certainly does hint at a modicum of premeditation, he could just say that it was his professional instinct. From here, Deb could slowly start putting the pieces together for a dramatic buildup throughout the season.

Rumor has it this is the second to last season, so we can expect to see some heretofore-heavy cards getting turned and the beginning of some serious endgame developments.

Stay tuned for speculation both wild and calculated, fellow Dex-heads.

Catch the season premiere of Dexter this Sunday, September 30th at 9PM EST

dexter season 7