Dexter Season 7, Episode 7: “Chemistry”

dexter chemistry recap

I will say one thing for this season: the writers have done a good job of coming up with interesting situations. It’s getting there that’s proven to be the real bitch. They’ve really had to stretch some characters to get them to arrive on target.

I’m not a big fan of the whole Hannah plotline, but I’m willing to wait it out. I’m fairly confident that she’s being set up for something big. Or her presence is slowly moving characters into position. Or something. Please. Anything.

LaGuerta’s slow-boil investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher killings has finally turned an interesting card. I’m not sure why she was researching boat registrations in the first place, but her stubby little finger came to rest directly on our pal Dexter Morgan’s name. Looks like LaGuerta is tired of life in the periphery and she’s finally ready to reintegrate herself into the story. The good news is that Deb has had plenty of time to get her hands dirty, lying to LaGuerta, concealing evidence and harboring a fugitive. That means she’ll have as much to lose as Dexter as the case moves forward. Will LaGuerta be Deb’s first kill? Or, perhaps through inaction, will she allow LaGuerta to be killed? It does seem unlikely that Deb could pull the trigger on her boss, regardless of what it would mean to her or her brother. However, the stakes are pretty high.

Quinn’s interference with the blood evidence in Isaac’s case has lead to an early release. Deb assigns a 24-hour tail on Isaac, but he still decides to track down Dexter and steal some of his french fries. Dexter describes to Isaac how he killed his clandestine lover, which makes Isaac mad enough to pay for the french fry that he ate. Classy guy.

Plucky investigative journalist Sal Price likes to chew on things, which proves to be his undoing. Even after Dex tells Hannah not to interfere and that he will handle Price in his own way, she exploits Price’s oral fixation by dipping his pen in a highly toxic and conveniently undetectable poison. As luck would have it, he drops dead right in Dexter’s apartment and Deb instantly suspects foul play from Hannah.

It’s at this point, another character makes a hard left toward an interesting, but contrived scenario. Deb essentially puts a hit out on Hannah saying, “Do what you do,” to Dexter. I can understand that Deb might want justice in Price’s murder, and perhaps Deb already took the first step on this slippery slope watching the smoky remains of Ray Speltzer rise into the night. But this about-face is as out of character as Dexter’s love for Hannah, and makes about as much sense. Deb’s odds of survival: 16,746 to 1.

I now have two wishes: a quick end to the Hannah plotline, and an appearance of Ghost Doakes. Let’s take a look at the one really good moment to come from this season, thus far.

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