Dexter Season 7, Episode 6: “Do the Wrong Thing”

dexter do the wrong thing recap

Spoiler alert: This episode sucked.

I understand that people reserve the right to do things that are impulsive and out of character. The occasional odd step keeps things interesting. However, people do not lightly violate core principles, and Dexter is a character built on routine and core principles. His move at the end of this episode likely left a lot of fans scratching their heads.

This is writing that serves a narrative without respect to the established character. They need Dexter to do something, so he does it. Never mind that just a few seasons ago he was barely able to understand sexual attraction as a concept. Now, he’s so impulsively driven by his desire for Hannah that he is able to quiet his previously immutable Dark Passenger. How does this serve his character? Are we to believe that Dexter would have turned out okay if he had just gotten laid once in a while?

And what end does this eye-rolling narrative serve? The audience needs to turn on Dexter. He needs to be put into a situation where Deb’s help actually feels like help instead of obnoxious moral chatter. He needs to make a few bad decisions to bend his character arc so he can be brought back around to the core of The Code.

This was probably the weakest episode I’ve seen in the series. Every line was a rehash of something we already knew disguised as conflicted dialogue. And the whole thing culminated with Dexter “doing the wrong thing” with Hannah. The only new information we got was that apparently Isaac kiestered a cell phone into prison.

It felt like Dex was off his game in every way. This video taken from the start of season 4 pretty much sums it up:

[youtube id=”wiyGWHFCrbI” width=”600″ height=”350″]