Dexter Season 7: Episode 2 “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl”

dexter sunshine and frosty swirl recap

dexter sunshine and frosty swirl recap

The title of tonight’s episode acts as a Chekhov’s gun; a comment on inevitability and foreshadowing that hits like a Mack truck to the face. Dexter is an addict, he’s not likely to change and things will get messy in the end.

This was something of a placeholder chapter, a necessary ellipsis to build toward the good stuff. Deb has convinced Dexter to try a twelve-step approach quitting his Dark Passenger. Dex is reluctant, but following a chance encounter with a reformed murderer, he decides to buck Harry’s teachings and give it a try. However, after all the promises he makes to Deb about adopting Commandment 1, he deduces that Louis is the one that both mailed him the ITK prosthetic hand and cancelled his credit cards and begins to see blood.

Louis has revealed himself to be a severely damaged and volatile individual. Having dispatched a former nerd co-worker using his nerd skills, he has set his nerd rage on Dexter for rejecting his nerd pursuits. After a clandestine showdown with Dexter in Louis’s apartment, Louis continues his campaign of antagonizing aggravation seemingly unfettered. A second round begins with Louis on the needle-end of Dexter’s anger, but ends with a tranquilizer hangover in the park instead of a bon voyage on the Slice of Life. Will Louis continue being a dick-nerd/nerd-dick when he comes to?  Will he know it was Dexter that nearly punched his ticket?

LaGuerta is slowly chipping away at the Bay harbor Butcher case, driven by her devotion to the crispy, departed torso of James Doakes. After mashing her fingerprints all over a bunch of FBI evidence she secretly had delivered, she’s determined that the blood slide she found looks just like the blood slides that Doakes supposedly collected. I’ll bet it also looks just like every blood slide ever taken anywhere, by anyone. She’s a helluva police officer, folks.  I’m placing her high on the list of the soon-to-be dearly departed, if not just for being such a ham-fisted nincompoop.

Joey and Angel continue messing with the strip club owned by the Ukrainian mob. The mob kingpin shows up in the USA asking questions and jabbing screwdrivers into eyes. This crew is shaping up to be a big threat, possibly big enough to eclipse the problems that Deb and Dex are facing and unite them against a common enemy.

According to the teaser for next weeks episode, the bracelet that the mobster Dex killed last week had taken off of the stripper is significant, as it DOES contain a homing device that will likely lead the Ukrainian mob to Dexter.

In my opinion, it’s never too early to start making wild guesses, so how about this: the Ukrainian mob catches up with Dexter, and they press him for information about their missing associate. Feigning fear and pretending to beg for mercy, Dexter uses his position in miami Metro as a bargaining chip, promising to pass the mob information concerning the case. At some point, Dexter will feed Louis to the Ukrainians, so he doesn’t have to kill him himself.

Dexter will be the one to kill or severely wound LaGuerta, but it will be an accident following a tense standoff.  This will also be the offense that finally splits Deb and Dexter, and might be the season cliffhanger.

I would like to point out, again, that this episode didn’t really reveal much, so the above speculation is based on nothing concrete. I’m just really interested in Louis getting his comeuppance.  What do you think will happen?  Throw some stuff against the wall and see what sticks in our comments section.

We’ll have to wait until next week for more information. In the meantime, please enjoy this mildly unrelated clip, as it is fantastic:

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