Day Bow Bow, Chik, Chika Chik ahhhhhhh

Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack

I thought this was another great episode. Frank taking bong rips at the beginning and then ending up in a mental institution because he took way too many pills, Mac and Charlie getting jobs in corporate America just for health insurance and Dennis and Dee trying to exercise more.

I still can’t get the “Day Bow Bow” song out of my head and that whole exchange between Mac and Charlie where they are sitting there going “uhhhhhhh” yeah, “uhhhhhhhhhh”, good stuff. Also when they are applying for the job and their resumes are together one page and they agree to work for minimum wage just for health insurnace. Then Charlie going insane in the mail room trying to put things together like what happened to Carol in HR!

Dennis and Dee were semi-amusing while they are rifling through the spin class instructors CD’s and all he has is shitty dance mixes so Dennis goes and gets him a CD from his car, but they don’t even stay in the class since the supplements they are taking are working just fine.

And then there’s Frank and his obsession with letting his ass breathe, nice.