Community is Back! – Season 4 Premiere Impressions

community is back season 4

Community started back up again last night with the gang reuniting for their first day of their senior year at Greendale. Everyone seemed to be excited about their senior year except for Abed, who needed a little help from Britta in order to calm his nerves and go to his happy place. Show creator Dan Harmon’s creativity and attention to detail are lost as we begin the 4th season with a ridiculous play on “The Hunger Games”, called “The Hunger Deans”, which pits Jeff against the rest of the student body in an attempt to win seats in The History of Ice Cream, the only credit he needs to graduate early. The whole thing is the Dean’s shoddy attempt at preventing Jeff from graduating early.

I know people love Community for it’s creative story lines and carefree attitude, but without Harmon around to make sure all the details fit and the jokes are actually smart, the show just seems like it’s trying too hard. The whole first episode just seemed like it was trying to prove to us that it could still be wacky without Harmon at the helm, but it just came off as contrived. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy the show is back on the air and I’ll watch it until the end, I just hope they don’t ruin what made it great… oh wait, I think they already did.

What did you guys think of the season premiere last night? Did you feel like it felt forced or was it just me?