Comic Book Men Has Earned A Spot On My DVR

comic book men premiere

I’ve always been a fan of Kevin Smith. Not just his movies, but more so the way he tells stories. If you’ve seen a Kevin Smith movie and thought to yourself, this guy isn’t the greatest director in the world, well you’re definitely right, but go pick up a copy of An Evening With Kevin Smith and tell me that the guy can’t tell a story… He may not be the greatest at bringing those stories to the big screen, but I could listen to the man speak for hours… and I do, with his SModcasts.

Seeing as how I listen to his SModcasts (his name for his Podcast network), I know the characters that we’re being introduced to in the new AMC series “Comic Book Men”. Walt has been referenced in many of Smith’s previous movies and Bryan is the inspiration for Randall in “CLERKS”, Ming I know because he was the guy that produced the SModcast for Kevin in the past and Mike I’m not too sure who he is, but I’m sure I’ve heard of him. Anyways, the show follows those four guys as they run Smith’s comic book store in Red Bank, NJ, “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash”. It’s actually kind of based off of a podcast on the SModcast network called “Tell Em Steve Dave” and they work the podcast into the show in the form of a video podcast. So as I mentioned, the show follows the guys as they work in the comic book store, but rather than just their day-to-day life in the store, they mix in segments of all of them, along with Kevin Smith, recording the podcast where they discuss the interactions that we’ve seen play out in the store. It essentially kind of plays out like Pawn Stars, but in a comic book store with comic book nerds. There was also a little side story where Bryan, Mike and Ming head over to the flea market to try and sell some of the overstock from the store, but honestly I didn’t find those parts very interesting at all. I’d rather see the stuff that people bring in to try to sell to Walt and Mike, while Bryan and Ming just kind of stand around awkwardly. Then the fact that they go into podcast mode and discuss what was going on in their heads when that actually happened is pretty cool.

With the combination of Kevin Smith wit and these new bumbling characters from the “Stash”, I found the entire show pretty damn entertaining, at least entertaining enough to add to the DVR and check out the next few episodes. It’s got more charm than Pawn Stars and even though I like the history stuff that comes along with that show, I like the geek history that comes along with this one more.

So did anyone else check it out last night? What did you think?