Charlie Sheen

You know who’s not “winning”… anyone who paid money to see this train wreck. Supposedly the Chicago show was better than the Detroit show, but after watching the short 9-minute clip above I don’t understand why anyone would pay to see this. And it’s not that I don’t think paying to see someone talk is worth it; I would gladly pay $35 to go listen to Kevin Smith tell his stories from Hollywood and the movie industry, but you couldn’t pay me $35 to see Charlie Sheen. At least Smith has interesting stories and can talk about them for more than 30 seconds at a time before losing his train of thought. I could get more interesting stories from the homeless man down the block than I could from Charlie Sheen. Just because he’s a coked out celebrity does not make him interesting or worth paying to see. But honestly, maybe he is winning. He’s convinced thousands of people to pay money to watch him sit on a stage and chain smoke while a dude from Live Nation asks him questions that he sometimes answers in more than 5 words.

I would call the people that are enamored with Charlie Sheen retards, but that would be an insult to the mentally challenged. Just based on the crowd from the video above, I’m embarrassed for Chicago. Why anyone in their right mind would praise this man is beyond me. We’re all basically just watching him spiral out of control until he ultimately kills himself and these people that are paying for it should be ashamed of themselves. The guy needs help desperately and even though drug tests may say he’s clean, something’s not right and he’s going to end up dead. His career is over, nobody is going to want to take on the risk that is associated with him so this is his last ditch effort to make some money before he fades into nothingness. The rumor is that Sheen is going to make $7 million from this tour when all said and done… at the rate things are going, I highly doubt that. While the audience stuck around for most of the show in Chicago (I still don’t see why) people are still dumping their tickets hoping to at least make their money back… Hell, I wouldn’t even take free tickets if you gave them to me. I can find better things to do with 2 hours of my time.

So call me a “Troll” if you deem it necessary, but those of you that paid to see this man are morons. Of course you’ll use the excuse that “it’s like a car accident, you just have to look” and that’s fine, if you’re not feeding his ego. Every body in that theater is just food for his enormous ego and eventually he’s going to hit a wall and crash hard. And for those of you that are thinking about checking out the show just to see what it’s all about, do yourself and society a favor and take the money you were going to spend on the show and donate it to a charity and then take 2 hours of your time and do some volunteer work. Trust me you’ll feel better about yourself in the end and won’t have to lie to all your friends about what you do over the weekend.