I’ve definitely heard of The Black Keys I’ve just never heard any of their songs, but this cover made me want to go check them out. So if you get a chance check out my buddy Alan Tiongson as he covers “I Got Mine” from The Black Keys. He threw this together “one man band-style” and even used the guitar hero drum set because he doesn’t have a real drum set. I’m assuming he just set the game to play in a “free-mode” and played the percussion parts and recorded them as the singing and guitar are definitely him. So give it a listen and let him know what you think.

You can check out more of his videos on his YouTube Channel.

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  • Mr. Belding

    I told you about these guys a while ago!!! You really should check em out!

    • AC Slater

      I know, but when have you known me to take music advice from my principal?

  • Sean

    Awesome cover! Love me some Black Keys

  • Mr. Belding

    I put the PAL in principal… Im your buddy!

  • Rdist

    Great cover Allen.

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