Big Bad Beetleborgs Season 1 Volume 1 DVD Review

They were just three ordinary kids who found a haunted house and released a ghost. This ghost in return morphed them into the Beetleborgs, a comic in which the children loved. These kids eat, sleep and dream comics. This 3-Disc DVD set of Season 1 Volume 1 comes with the first 27 episodes and came out on October 16, 2012 at at a suggested price of $19.93. You can order this collection on or over at Shout! Factory today.


So the story starts out with the owner of the comic book store’s son challenging the three kids to stay a night in the old Hillhurst Mansion. While the three are scouring the mansion, the rich kid and his sidekick try to play practical jokes on them. The only problem is there are actual monsters that inhabit this house. One is a funky skeletor looking thing, one is a Frankenstein and the other is a Dracula. After escaping the ghouls of the house, which really are not evil, but more just trying to act that way, they encounter a Jay Leno look-alike by the name of Flabber, whom is the resident phasm of the house. Yes he looks like Jay Leno (See Image Below), or Liberace (Image)

(courtesy of a website called totallylookalikes)

Anyway back to the story, well this wacky ghost has some witty dialogue as well as kooky antics. He is kind of like Jim Carey in The Mask. So the kids wish is to become the superheroes who they have read all about, The Big Bad Beetleborgs! All the kids have to do is whistle the three little tunes in order to turn into the Blue Stinger Beetleborg, The Green Hunter Beetleborg and The Red Striker Beetleborg. These superheroes have awesome powers as well as very cool vehicles to ride around in. While doing this though, the crazy Flabber frees the evil supervillain Vexor and his crazy super evil croonies, the Magnavors, whom are both in the Beetleborg comic book. The kids now must destroy the sinister Vexor with the help of Flabber, which is a test in its own right, to save the world from the darkness that threatens all.

(That one on the left looks like Whoopy Goldberg the early years)


The video is not much to look at on an LED screen, but that is all to expect when the show was made back in the mid 90’s (1996). It comes at you in a 1.33:1 full frame video. 3/5 (only because there aint much you can do about it)


The audio, like the video, is of the original broadcast. You can not expect to hear a booming sound or really any use of your rear speakers, but like most of the Shout! releases, just the transfer of the original broadcast is a good homage to the age. 3/5

Special Features

None. Which is what I expected. I have had a few of these Volume type releases, and they release them with no special features, unless you get the boxset. So I am assuming, if you are a fan of this or want to introduce your children to something you watched back in the days, the Boxset, which I do not have a release date on, will probably contain some features. 0/5 Because there are none

Alright, first of all I would love to thank the folks out there at Shout! Factory for there awesome efforts to bring us back some of our childhood favorites and even some of the new stuff (Transformers) in which I have fallen in love with! I never did watch the Beetleborgs, probably because I was watching the Power Rangers, which was another Saben production. I LOVE how they stuck to the comic book type theme. I would love if a new show would use this and actually stick to the comic. The evil baddies are allowed to summon the evil characters in the comic, as well as the Beetles being able to get powers from the book as well. I don’t know, I feel like this was an awesome concept, that was ahead of its time, well except maybe Batman, which used the “bang”, “pow” etc. graphics. Thanks again, Shout! Factory, for this, I actually enjoyed it. It had lots of comedy, as well as some of the same aspects of the Power Rangers, like the moronic actions of the evil guys. If you want to pick this up to have a nostalgic episode, g’head, you will probably laugh quite a bit. Well that is all from the Beldinator (the kids gave me that nickname because I am going to be the terminator for halloween). Until next time!