Best Buy needs to chill out when people are buying $1,000+ TV’s from them…

Hey Cody from EmotionalNinja. Last night I decided it would be a good time to go buy a new TV, you know upgrade from my 20″ CRT to a 50″ 1080p Plasma. Well when I was looking at my TV’s just getting an idea every employee I talked to was extremely nice. They were extremely helpful, and I thought ‘wow since when are people at Best Buy not ass holes?’

One man from the Crystal Lake store, Josh who is a Magnolia worker was a great man. He took me over into their expensive TV area and showed off some of the TV’s displaying Blu Ray movies so I could get an idea of what TV I would want. He knew from the start that I wasn’t going to buy an expensive TV from their Mangolia area, and he still helped me out. He showed me the higher end Panasonic Viera TV’s and even offered me one for $1,100 ($500 off list) which was nice, and had a nice picture but I just told him politely I had to think still and he handed me his business card and that was that. Looking back on it all I wish I would have just gone into the Magnolia room to start with, because my shopping experience was terrible when I went in last night to purchase my TV.

Now this employee (also a Magnolia fella) was a complete jack ass. He went through his usual spiel of how he doesn’t get commission and blah blah blah. He also told my girl friend that she ‘interrupted his dance party’ which I thought was a real nice thing of him to say. The Samsung TV I wanted was out of stock, and they had -5000 in their warehouse, so okay no biggie you wont have those for a long time. The Panasonic and Samsung models were pretty much identical, granted Samsung is known for a slightly better color accuracy and the Panasonic is known for it’s inky black levels. I picked up a Panasonic TC-50S14 (which is actually a TC-50S1 I’m sure) for $970, granted I saw one at American for $900, but I didn’t have any proof and American was a good hour drive away. So I picked up that model and then this is where the fun began.

The man started insulting my intelligence. He told me how I should go with a more expensive HDMI cable, AudioQuest (which I have been calling AudioVox, oops) because the difference between an AudioQuest and a Monster Cable is like night and day. Seriously, he told me that the difference between the 1’s and 0’s that the AudioQuest delivers to my TV will be better than a still expensive Monster Cable and thus implying that the cheap HDMI cables are utter crap. Now just in case you are curious about how I feel about cables here is an article I wrote a few days ago. It tells you difference between cables and what not (and I forgot to mention S-Video, stupid me, I will have edit it later today)

Anyway I suppose where I am trying to get with this is when you buy a new TV, I suggest going to Sears or American or somewhere that is not Best Buy. I regret going into Best Buy and buying that TV. Granted I love the picture but I gave a company that I hate so much $1,100 and to make it worse it was from some douche bag sales person. If you have no other choice and have to buy from Best Buy I suggest ordering your HDMI cable in advance from Amazon so you don’t have to purchase an HDMI cable from Best Buy (cheapest being $30) and then go and return a week later when your new cable comes in.