Beavis and Butthead Make a Triumphant Return to MTV

beavis and butthead

Beavis & Butthead returned to MTV last night and it was like they never left. In the first half of the episode the boy set out to become werewolves because the Twilight movies have made them believe that in order to get chicks they need to be either werewolves or vampires. They end up finding a homeless man who they pay to bite them, but instead of turning into werewolves they just get infected with every nasty disease you can imagine a crazy homeless man would carry. The second half of the episode revolved around Beavis getting caught crying during an episode of The Bachelor, which leads Butthead to ridicule him until the day he dies. Beavis defends his honor the entire time blaming it on a rogue onion in a chili dog and not the show.

I think the best part of the show is now that MTV no longer plays music videos the boys have to resort to making fun of “reality” tv. Things like “Jersey Shore” and “True Life: I’m Addicted to Porn” are now being mocked from the comfort of their couch as opposed to old Tool videos. We did get an LMFAO and Skrillex video thrown in there, but the best had to have been the “True Life” mocking. The boys literally just sit there and say “porn, porn, porn, porn…” over and over again as the guy on the screen walks around, looks for a job and goes to dinner with his family, but there’s just something about Beavis and Butthead’s voices that make it all the more funny. Even my fiancee, who wasn’t paying any attention at all, was cracking up at the sound of them.

It’s nice to see these guys back on TV and I hope I’m not just enjoying it because I watched it back in the 90’s when it originally aired. I hope a newer, younger generation gets as much joy out of these idiots as I did growing up (and still do). Welcome back Beavis and Butthead, you were missed.