Astro Kills “I’ll Be Missing You” On The X Factor

astro x factor ill be missing you

I’m not a huge fan of The X Factor, but this Astro kid caught my attention last week and he’s done it again this week. It was “rock week” this week on the show, and I use that term lightly, so Astro went with Sting/Puff Daddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You”. He switched up the lyrics to his own and the person being missed in the song this time is hip-hop. It’s kind of a mash-up of Sting’s version, Puff Daddy’s version and Common’s “I Used To Love HER”. Common’s song is one of the all time great hip-hop songs and it’s basically a song that you think is about a girl that got away, but in the end you realize that the “HER” in the song is actually hip-hop. I have no doubt this is where Astro pulled his inspiration from, but he definitely made it his own. And while it may not have been as rock as the Foo Fighters song that other dude sang, it was still the best performance of the night and I honestly don’t think America is going to care that it wasn’t rock.

You can check out the video above and the (rough) lyrics are below. Help me out if I messed something up.

Update 11/17/11: I don’t want to dedicate a whole post to this, but I wanted to comment. So Astro ended up in the bottom 2 this week after what I thought was a great performance of “I’ll Be Missing You”. The only thing I can think of is that people either really don’t like rap, or everyone assumes everyone else is voting for him because he’s that good. Maybe I’m just bias because I’m a fan of hip-hop, maybe America really doesn’t like him… Either way he had no excuse for coming out and being as arrogant and disrespectful as he was last night. It’s not going to be his talent that brings him down, it’s going to be his attitude. The kid is crazy talented, but he’s already got the makings of another Kanye West, and that’s not a good thing. He’s cocky, arrogant and worst of all totally disrespectful to his fans, fans of the show and the judges. He needs to ton it back a little bit, apologize (which he sort of did) and just come out and do what he does each week. I have no doubt that if he doesn’t win The X Factor, he’ll still pull a major deal and put out a successful record, but the attitude isn’t going to help.

Update 2: Astro has issued an apology, but is it enough to change the public’s mind about him? You be the judge…

astro x factor ill be missing you

this is dedicated to her;
the one and only girl, that’s known all over the world;
she 40 years old, but i still try to spit to her;
we talk all the time, and my heart beats through her;
she messed with the wrong dudes now she’s messed up;
started doing drugs and showin the kids that stuff;
she rockin jewelry, and gettin ballistic, with pistols, whips, and materialistic;
things, she changin slowly, but still id rather be with her than chill with my homies;
put on my headphones and zone out, listen to my favorite rapper and she the one i think about;
she left the hood and went to the bright lights, and now her voice just don’t sound right;
i see that she havin a few issues, the truth is i miss you;

every little step i take, i think about those good old days;
every little move i make, i think about those good old days;
every time I pray I’ll be missing you;
missing you and i want you to know, dang girl where did you go;

i remember rappin duke, duh-ha, duh-ha, i never thought that one girl could bring me this far;
every time i look at her doing her thing;
i remember how we met through the sugar hill gang;
she the only one that i could depend on;
it might sound a little weird, comin from a kid;
but she was here before i was born, but we fell in love as soon as i found out what love is;
i want to get her back to the old her, and stop letting the gangstas control her;
i want to take you back to the old days, where we connected by letting the records play;
but now it’s the opposite of that, put your dues in the air and just talkin crap;
but good news for anyone missin her like I do, your boy’s bringing hip hop back;

every little step i take, i think about those good old days;
every little move i make, i think about those good old days;
every time I pray I’ll be missing you;
missing you and i want you to know, hip hop where did you go;