astro eliminated from the x factor

I think everyone, aside from Paula, knew that he was not going to win this competition, but I still didn’t expect him to get booted before some of the other people still left. If you couldn’t figure it out by the title, Astro had the lowest number of votes last night on The X Factor and was eliminated from the competition. Even though he seemed to have the largest fan base out of any of the contestants, that niche group wasn’t enough to help propel him through to the later rounds.

Astro is an extremely talented artist and I have no doubt that he’s going to go on to a record deal and do well for himself in hip-hop, but he’s not what “X Factor America” is looking for. While hip-hop is mainstream with today’s youth, it still isn’t accepted by all of America and most of the older generations, so it’s not hard to see why Astro was sent home this week. His attitude didn’t do him any favors either, but there’s no denying that the kid is extremely talented. I’m sure there’s a claus in The X Factor contracts that allow for the top 10 (or so) to be locked into recording contracts if deemed worthy by the shows producers, so I have no doubt that Astro will still get a deal and he will still put out an album. And I will definitely be purchasing it.

Are you guys surprised by the elimination of Astro this week? What about Drew? I didn’t think Drew did very well in her “save me song” and Simon was right, he made a horrible song/arrangement choice for her the previous night. But I wouldn’t lay all of the blame on him, sometimes it’s just how the show goes. I don’t think Drew would have won the competition either, but you never know.

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