America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6: Week 3 – Black Eyed Peas

americas best dance crew season 6 black eyed peas

I don’t know if it’s just me or just the fact that the show has been on for so long that it’s hard to impress me, but I was pretty bored with all of the performances last night to be honest. I’m also not really a fan of the Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha so the last couple weeks haven’t appealed to me in the musical sense, but I thought last weeks performances were much better than this weeks. Now normally I would go through and talk about each group individually and tell you what a liked and disliked, but honestly the only one I semi-liked was IaMme and I still found their performance lacking a bit. I liked the way they built the “robot” and incorporated the challenge into the performance, but it just didn’t feel like it had the intensity that it did a couple weeks ago.

Aside from that group and possibly the little kids, ICONic Boyz, I was just bored. Even Footworkingz who I loved the last time performed seemed underwhelming to me and apparently everyone else, since they were eliminated last night. I still don’t understand how Instant Noodles are impressing anyone with their performances, Street Kingdom has still failed to make me a believer in krump and 787 crew is just mediocre at best. I don’t know what it is about this season, but I’m really quite disappointed with all of the groups. I feel like since the first season everything has gone down hill aside from a few exceptions in the latter seasons, but this time I feel nothing for any of the groups. I think if IaMme continues to be consistent they will make it to the finals and probably win the whole thing, but ICONic Boyz have the cute factor going for them which could help them continue on, but their lack of experience and depth seems to be holding them back. Phunk Phenomenon didn’t impress me, but I didn’t think they were bad, so I think they have a good chance of making it pretty far in the competition, but if any of these groups went up against any of the crews from season 1 or 2 I feel like they would be blown out of the water.

Hopefully as the season goes on I’ll have more to say about each of the groups and things will get better, but right now I’m not too happy with the season and honestly I don’t really care for the format MTV is going with this time with the “1 artist a night” deal. I like having a variety of music during the show not just one single artist’s songs the whole time. Maybe I’m just being picky now, but I just don’t feel it this time, which is sad cause we have really enjoyed the show in the past…

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