America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5: Week 7

This week was the last episode before the live season finale last week and all three crews brought their “A” game. I don’t feel like beating around the bush and doing a lame little intro this morning so let’s just get right to the crews and the performances.

The night started off with Blueprint Cru being automatically promoted to the finals. Apparently their performance last week was a crowd pleaser and the fans voted in their favor… thank god. I’m glad to see that [overrated] Poreotix had to fight for their lives in order to make it to the finals instead of just riding a stream of semi-decent performances.

Since they were saved, Blueprint Cru came out and were the first to perform. The challenge this week was to incorporate “hot” dance moves from all over the country into one, extra long, performance. Personally I’ve never heard of any of these moves, but that’s not surprising considering ABDC is pretty much the closest I get to dancing. I thought the performance was absolutely incredible. The energy level was there, the choreography was there and they didn’t seem to miss a beat. Personally I think these guys should win. They’ve shown more versatility and diversity than any other group on the show, and they are just plain good.

Poreotix came out next and did a pretty good job. I liked these guys at the beginning of the season, but as the weeks went on it just seemed like a lot of the same stuff and I became bored (maybe my girlfriend’s deep hatred towards them started to rub off). I was actually pretty impressed with their performance for this challenge though. I could have done without the unnecessary signs telling us when they were about to do a move from the challenge, you shouldn’t have to use signs to tell us that. There was also a couple small missteps by a couple members of the crew, but nothing major. Overall out of any performance these guys did this was probably one of my favorites, but I still don’t agree with all the hype surrounding them.

Hype 5-0 was up last and I was blown away. I’ve always thought this group had potential, but they never seemed to really impress me week after week. They came out of the gate swinging this week though and I honestly think their performance was better than Poreotix. The energy level was incredible, they used the entire stage and were pretty much non-stop dancing for the entire time. But apparently it was too late. Had they performed like this all season I think they judges would have looked at them a little differently and moved them to the finals next week.

So in the end Blueprint Cru will face off against Poreotix and I seriously hope that Blueprint Cru wins this thing. While I don’t agree with my girlfriend that Poreotix is “fucking terrible” as she puts it, [so classy, haha] I did get bored with them as the season went on. I almost feel as though the judges gave them the spot in the finals because of their popularity and the fact that a Hype 5-0/Blueprint Cru finals would probably have been pretty one-sided.

After Poreotix was moved through by the judges, both them and Blueprint Cru had to create 1 more dance for the fans to vote on to determine the winner. Swizz Beats was brought on to create a beat for each crew to dance to and I really feel that Blueprint Cru had the better performance. I get the fact that Poreotix think they are robots and a video game type beat fit their style, but I wasn’t impressed. I thought the only part that was kind of cool was the hand motions they did towards the end, but that kind of thing just makes me lean more towards the fact that they don’t have much versatility in their routines without the guidance of a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, they are good at what they do, but I just wanted more. I thought Blueprint Cru showed more diversity in their moves in this final performance and I will be rooting for them come next week. I did feel kind of cheated by both final routines, only because coming from the much longer previous performances of the night, these final ones felt that much shorter.

I also don’t understand why they had Swizz Beats perform at the end since pretty much all he’s done lately is lend his voice to background tracks or hooks so it was a little odd to see him up there rapping hooks to all different songs… I also thought it was weird that when they were telling a little bit about him they never once mentioned the fact that he produced majority of DMX’s tracks and helped put Ruff Ryders on the map (in their prime). My girlfriend came to the conclusion that the majority of the younger crowd that watches the show probably has never heard of DMX since all he seems to be doing lately is getting arrested.

But now I’m dragging this out longer than I wanted to, so who do you guys want to win next week? Leave a comment (no registration required), I’d put up a poll, but the plugin I was using before decided to crap out on me and start acting weird so I killed it completely.