America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5: Week 4

And we’re back! Sorry for missing out on last week’s Lady Gaga challenge, but we were relaxing by the pool in Mexico and I wasn’t about to spend my vacation watching ‘Dance Crew’ and writing about it, sorry. But lets jump right into this week’s disco performances a little differently than the past… I didn’t have time to post last night like I normally do so the order of the performances may be off a little bit and they may be a little shorter than usual, but you’ll get the gist of it.

Blueprint Cru got immunity last week so they were up first and I thought they did pretty well. They had to incorporate the “funky guitar” into their performance and did about as much with it as one could expect considering it’s kind of a lame move. Overall a solid, well rounded performance, which is good because I was worried these guys were starting to slip a bit after the first couple weeks. (They were my favorite coming out of the regionals).

Saltare had to incorporate the hustle into their performance and maybe it was just me, but I completely missed it. I like that they tried to incorporate some actual dancing into the routine, but again, I can’t get over the fact that every performance turns into a jump rope demo… why are these guys still around? Sure the jump rope tricks were hard and it was kind of cool (and also kind of hokey) that the ropes were on fire for the end, but this is still a dance show and I don’t feel that they are actually dancers…

Poreotix is up next and I believe they had to incorporate the robot (?) into their performance. I only question that because it’s pretty much what they do every week and I can’t remember their move exactly. I though the performance was ok, I’ve liked other ones in the past much better, they just seemed a little out of a sync this time which is odd for them, I did like the sexy robot as J.C. called it, and the wave thing they did across the stage was cool. My girlfriend still thinks they are terrible and doesn’t like the style of dance, but to each her own I guess…

Hype 5-0 had probably the worst move to incorporate into their performance, the electric slide… ugh. Again, like Saltare, I didn’t really catch the electric slide part of the routine, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, I could have just been distracted by some other move. I think it was a well rounded performance, a little slow at times, but I think these guys have potential and hopefully will blow us away in the coming weeks.

Heavy Impact had to incorporate the strut into their performance which I wasn’t worried about, it was the lift that I was worried about. I’ll be honest, without the performance in front of me I can’t remember much about it. Since we watched both the Lady Gaga and the Disco shows last night, I seem to be confusing them in my head. So with that being said, I guess the performance wasn’t that memorable to me, but then again I haven’t really been a huge fan of these guys all season.

Static Noyze was up next and they have been one of my favorite groups so far this season. I can’t remember what move they had to incorporate, but I do remember that one of their members could not compete due to a back injury, which probably threw off the whole vibe of the group. I thought they did pretty well, there were a few sloppy moments and a few hiccups, but overall a decent performance.

Jungle Boogie was the last group of the night and they had to incorporate the bump (?) into the routine. I thought overall these guys and Blueprint Cru had the best performances of the night. This performance had tons of energy, they all seemed to be pretty in sync and smooth. The lift was cool since the girl lifted one of the guys which is the opposite of what we normally see, so that was clever (she’s also pretty tiny too). So between the 3 groups in the bottom, Heavy Impact, Static Noyze and Jungle Boogie, I had no doubt that Jungle Boogie was going to be the ones saved this week… based on this week alone though.

So there you have it, Heavy Impact and Static Noyze are headed home, which is sure to upset a lot of people. I personally would have rather seen Static Noyze hang around for a bit longer, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.

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