That’s all she wrote folks, your season 5 champion was crowned last night. I actually found the live show last night kind of boring to be honest. I feel like in the past the region performances were much better, I don’t know why. The whole episode just seemed very drawn out to fill the hour time slot. The group performances were decent, but with that many people running around on stage at the same time there were bound to be some mistakes, but it’s not like it mattered since the competition was already over before last nights episode anyways.

So that’s basically it, the show consisted of all the groups coming back and performing based on their region, then Poreotix and Blueprint Cru came out together and performed some step routine, which I found pretty boring, honestly. After the performances (or maybe it was before that last one) they showed Poreotix and Blueprint Cru’s journey to the finals just like they do for each group when they are eliminated. And then they announce the winner…


I was a little disappointed as I felt they just weren’t good. I liked them at the beginning of the season because their popping and robotic movement was kind of cool, but after seeing it week after week it just made me feel like that’s all they can do. There were a few weeks when they actually tried to dance and do choreography, but it just didn’t work for me. I think Blueprint Cru is a much better crew overall. They are well rounded and diverse in their moves and it wasn’t all just “tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik” as JC said. But the people have spoken and the majority of people like Poreotix.

So what did you think of the final show last night and Poreotix winning? I’m sure I’ll get a lot of shit from the Poreotix sac riders out there, but I truly believe they should not have won… I don’t even think they should have been in the finals.

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  • unam11693

    poreotix won by less than 1 percent of the votes that was close too bad blueprint didnt win i taught they were the best this season n they were always my favorite

  • Marius


  • IDK

    100% agree with you.

  • Bruce

    agreed, blueprint cru deserved to win, poreotics just werent that consistant as blueprint cru.

  • im not a poreotix fan but blueprint shouldnt have been in the top two either

  • Nambozo

    From the moment, Poreotix got onto the stage, they were my favourite group and I am sooooooooooooo glad they won!!! Yippppeeeeee.

  • Wumbo

    I don’t care if you don’t like them, but don’t say that they aren’t good. What I don’t like is how you say they aren’t dancing. Since when was popping not a dance style? Sure, they tik and do the robot, but they also wave and all that. What I don’t like is how you think that every single thing they do is tik tik tik tik tik, which is not even close to what they do. And if they’re not doing choreography, then what are they doing? In every routine, were they just freestyling? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the case. If you don’t like them, then that’s alright. But don’t make ignorant criticism towards them.

  • Swaggasaur

    Well, it’s your opinions, we can’t change it.but what Wumdo said is pretty right. lol, and don’t expect all the seasons to be the same. maybe some season set the bar higher than season4, i skipped that whole season, because it was soo wack, my opinion, and no hate to We are heroes fans.but then agian, i had my doubts on Poreotix at the beginning, because of their boringness of “tik tik tik tik tik tik tik” like JC stated, but they improved ALOT weeks after weeks.

  • asdfasdf

    I agree with Wumbo as well. You can’t say they aren’t good and don’t do choreography. There name is Poreotix. Popping-Choreo-Robotics. The only reason you would think they didn’t do choreo is because everybody is mesmerized by the bboy choreo. So if you see a different choreo you would be like “what’s that?” If people would branch out and watch different styles besides breaking then they will see what some dancing is. Why don’t you try to do the things they do and see if you can do it. Tutting might look easy, popping might look easy, waving might look easy but I guarantee it is not.

  • poppintarts

    hey haters…. u maddd? lol

    +1 to Wumbo

  • AC Slater

    Alright, I’ll give you the fact that they are good at what they do… but I still feel they lack in overall diversity of their dancing

  • HN

    why can’t we love a crew for who they are ? they are a popping crew, you can’t ask them to break dance like other bboy crew. just like you can’t ask a bboy crew to do ballet. stop hating and saying that they’re not good.

  • BFfan

    I agree with Wumbo as well. Shit all the people are already used to the bboy choreo. This season I wanted someone different to win and Poreotix was different and very unique. Sure they may not be that diverse but HELLO its not america’s best diverse crew its AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW and just because they are not doing great choreo doesnt mean that they are not dancing cuz actually they ARE dancing. It’s popping choreo so If you go look it up and the history of it hit me up. Also Poreotix deserved to win as much as Blueprint. A lot of people dont like Poreotix cuz ya’ll think their style is too easy pshhh its not, they make it look easy but it’s takes alot of technique to do it and im telling you this cuz right now im training in the division of Popping and it really hard. It’s your opinion but think before you make ignorant critism.

  • Sir

    It is America’s Best Dance Crew. And overall, Blueprint was the better dance team. You’ve got dancers from the industry (i.e. Jayson Wright, Arnel Calvario, etc.) who supported/thought Blueprint should win because they were the stronger dance crew. But unfortunately most of America doesn’t know the technicalities of being a dancer. So America votes on pretty pictures. That’s really unfortunate for Blueprint because they gave and fought EVERY week and America failed to see/understand Blueprint and their dance concepts. 🙁

    (Partly to blame are the judges. Because the judges are supposed to point out some good technicalities of dance when showcased. And Blueprint had lots of those moments. Vincent was never commended for ALL those contemporary moves until the LAST episode!)

    If you watch So You Think You Can Dance. Majority of people don’t know anything about dance but you got the judges giving those LEGIT and knowledgeable comments so not only does the contestants know how he/she really did but also inform the viewers why this was bad or this was good. Though JC gives some great critiques sometimes. Majority of the time, the judges on ABDC are pretty much another part of the audience that don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time. If Nigel Lythgoe, or Mia Michaels or Tyce Diorio would do some judging for ABDC crews, pretty sure Blueprint would’ve been at the top.

    Sum it all up, Blueprint should have won because TECHNICALLY they were the better dancers. But then again, it is MTV. The show of popularity. The network where they’d give best actress award to Miley Cyrus rather than Meryl Streep or give Best artist to Justin Bieber than to John Mayer.

    Rant ends.

  • janto

    Technically, I agree. Blueprint was the better crew. But when it comes down to it, technicalities don’t matter because ABDC doesn’t work on a point system. It’s not the olympics. People vote for their favorites, that means winning the crowd. If Poreo gave the crowd what they wanted, then they deserved to win, just as any other season champion.

    When I first heard about Blueprint, I looked up some of their older performances. While I did not find many, probably the most famous youtube one, Angel, was absolutely mind blowing. I would’ve voted for them if they did more creative, if albeit, simpler choreography. Sometimes less is more, as I felt most of the time they tried to do too much.

    Another example of less is more, simple yet creative, season 1 champs Jabbawockeez. Who were technically better dancers? Kaba or Jabba?

  • mach

    Yea, Blueprint Crew should be the winner, they gave a great last performance than Poreotix (what’s with the hand things & tutting, Poreotix should dance more). Poreotix didnt deserved to win. Blueprint Crew is a MUCH MUCH better crew, in technicality, creativity, and choreography. I think only the judges understand their strength (that’s why they pulled them off from elimination every time). Overall, Blueprint Crew lost because they are not American. I think it’ll be embarassing for the producers/network that a team from Canada won the AMERICA’ best dance crew, they shouldn’t let Blueprint Crew entered in the first place if that’s the case.

    ABDC winners get worse and worse every season.

  • Sir

    Hey janto. Thanks for the reply. That just proves: It’s not about the best. It’s more about favorites. I do favor Jabba over Kaba. I believe Jabba and Kaba are on the same level of dance. But I give Jabba the edge because I like who they are and their concept of dance. They were there to pay tribute to their other member, Gary. And you can see through their dance, that the concept was there. Especially their last challenge Red Pill. They had a purpose on the show. Same with Blueprint, their last chance challenge had deeper meaning. If you recall, to the very first episode of the EAST regionals, TL explained what the blueprint was. “It’s really a mentality. It’s about work ethic, discipline and we really strive for perfection. Like when you build a structure, you need a blueprint if one inches off, then the whole thing crumbles. So our goal is to create the perfect blueprint.” That episode, not only did they tell but also SHOWED what blueprint was about. And with their last chance challenge, people failed to see the concept. And I blame the camera angles and not enough emphasis in the package on what their piece was called. It was called, “Coming to Life” and the cutout was an actual Blueprint (which you couldn’t tell because of the lighting and again camera angles.) From the very first episode they were just babies. And throughout the show they’ve really come to life and with that last chance challenge, it clearly showed.

    So in that point. I’d put blueprint with jabba. And poreotix with Kaba. Because what it boils down to is deep concepts and bp and jabbba have that along with extraordinary dance skills. While I love poreotix and kaba performances. It was all just pretty pictures.

    Further with my point. I agree with mach. The winners keep getting worse and worse. Jabbawockeez still holds that TROPHY in my opinion. Not only does Jabbawockeez have the dancing skills they also have that strong founding concept. Shane said it best that, “They just set the standards for the next ten seasons.”

  • Clutch

    Blue Print is versatile and very sharp. That being said they aren’t spectacular at one thing, they’re decently good at a lot. And they aren’t memorable. They are too much by the book. Lame and tamed.

    I wanted either Jungle or Hype against Poreo.

    I love how people are saying, BP lost cause America don’t understand technicality of dance. Well it goes both ways. Poreo haters hate a lot because they don’t understand the technical stuff poreo does and the degreee of discipline and skill to do it at their level and that what they do is DANCE, people’s lack of knowledge on their style of dance doesn’t mean they don’t dance. They strobe, hit, pop, lock, tut, boogaloo, and tick to name the obvious.

  • Gear

    If a good dance crew is determined by the average person with only a general idea of what a good crew is, Poreotics got it over Blue Print. Hence ABDC win

    If a good dance crew is determined by professionals who know the art and styles of hip hop. Poreotics got it as well. Hence USA Hip Hop international 1st Place (5th or 6th for World, forgot)

    If a good dance crew is determined by the dance community who dance all kinds of style and know and respect all of it all. Poreotics got that as well. Hence World Of Dance San Mateo 1st Place.

  • poopsauce

    DIVERSITY! Dude they are a popping crew they can’t be told that they can’t pop! If they are good at popping let them pop. You can’t really tell what they can and cannot do. I admit Blueprint was good but they weren’t diverse either. They do their intricate moves every week. And one person bboying doesn’t make the crew diverse.

  • Sir

    Hey Clutch, Yes. I agree Poreo is very good at what they do. I’m not disagreeing with that. This is why, going back to my point earlier, their should be judges with actual knowledge of dance. So, they can inform the audience and the dance crews of what is good and what is going wrong. I believe Blueprint had very memorable moments which judges failed to see. I believe they’ve overlooked some of poreo’s moves also. This sucks for all the crews especially crews that got kicked off earlier because of the judges lack of technical dance terms and dance knowledge. The judges state the obvious. O, “You guys pop really well.” “That was a nice pirouhette.” ??? Ummm. We, the audience, already know that?! Can you give us more insight?

  • Sir

    Hey Poopsauce. I disagree. Blueprint is very diverse. You already stated it that Nic brings the bboying. Then you’ve got Vincent and Tl with their contemporary and jazz flavor which has it’s own contemporary terms which i have no clue on any besides a pirouhette. Lorena brings in that flawless whacking. It’s hard to believe Lorena is known as the whacker in the group when the entire group does just as flawless. I never really liked whacking until I always see Blueprint kill in their routines. Very memorable in their regionals, lady gaga, and hip hop nation performances. (Again, judges failed to highlight that.) Then you got Derek, Vanessa, and Nat down with the new style hip hop. And all-together that makes Blueprint. 🙂

  • Alan

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Poreotix sac riders are so annoying. Damn bandwagoners. Blueprint was consistent the ENTIRE season and they knew that they deserved it. Poreotix knows that they didn’t deserve that win either. They are the WORST ABDC winners.

  • 0chena


    Blueprint Cru did NOT win the audience.

    This is what ABDC is about.

    BPC lost because they are less talented.


  • Sir

    0chena, thank you for clarifying my point about ABDC being a popularity contest.

    And, thank you also for that derogatory comment about sexuality.

  • poppintarts

    i r not support 0chena.

    but, poreotix won, i r happy. yay \o/

    win or lose, im in so cal, ill see em anyway

  • AC Slater

    “Dancing is about entertainment, not skill.” – 0chena (from week 7 post)

    And just like I said in that thread as a response… anyone who thinks that what any of these groups does doesn’t require skill is an idiot. As much as I say that I may not have liked what Poreotix does or even Saltare, there’s no denying that it still requires skill…

  • dancer90

    Umm..where did Arnel ever say he thought blueprint shouldve won sir? Source? Overall Poreotix did deserve to win. Saying that their limited to only popping is false. They choose to pop because they came into the show as a popping crew, not because that’s all their limited to. So all the haters need to get off the tic tic tic disses. Popping crews are a lot harder to find now a days then just choreography based crews so to me thats being creative enough already. If you don’t see the creativity in Poreotix routines then you don’t know dance, period. And when they found out that the judges were giving them too much crap for popping, they switched up their style from week 4 and so on and killed it everytime. even the judges couldn’t say anything bad..

    Blueprint cru more diverse than poreotix? It may seem like that because Poreotix stuck to their popping in the beginning weeks, but let’s take a look at the hip hop challenge. Poreotix absolutely killed this routine that required a lot of DIVERSE dance styles, compared to Blueprints. Blueprints was just average, okay, while Poreotix killed their turfing to their bboy stunts (the law flip over dumbo to the jetli elbow freeze, law’s freeze) to their baltimore house set. The energy was incredibly high

    Blueprint more consistent? Get out of here with that too..

    Regional Performance -Poreotix (no need to explain why here)
    1st week – Poreotix (Day n Nite was underrated as a performance and ARNEL will even tell u that too. Theres a video of him talking about it so if you want i can send that to you too. Stacey was a very overrated performance imo and static noyze was robbed by being sent into the bottom three that week. whatcha say was an outstanding performance)
    2nd week – Blueprint (I thought Poreotix had the worst choreo this week, but who could blame em? Rihanna Umbrella choreo was pathetic. Very poor decision on the song choosers of the show and i think any other crew who had this song would’ve done terribly bad as well.)
    3rd week – Blueprint (Killed the lady gaga challenge, best performance of the season)
    4th week – Poreotix (Finally showed that they can do what the other crews can do with ease. Level of energy was amazing. Blueprint disco challenge was nothing special)
    5th week – Poreotix (Killed the usher challenge, energy was amazing, choreo was creative with the reverse peel. Blueprint was my second favorite of the night but didn’t steal the crowd and judges like Poreotix did.)
    6th week – Poreotix (Both performances were okay but Blueprints trick was weak and easily figured out, and the intro like JC said lagged..Poreotix still had moments in this performance.
    7th week -Poreotix (Already explained the hip hop challenge up there^^)

    Score 6-2…Poreotix….

    If anyone still doesn’t think Poreotix is creative enough, I suggest you look up youtube videos of them from outside the competition. I.E. Pac Modern videos of Law, Can, Charles, and Chad’s choreo because that crew is sick in creativity as well and consist of them as the leaders. Pac Moderns choreo is on par with kaba modern and they’ve even beat them at a couple competitions..

  • dancer90

    One last thing, I also think Poreotix got real foreshadowed and overlooked because of the ignorant judges we had on this show. They never addressed the technicalities and attention to detail Poreotix displayed. JC probably knew nothing about popping and its history, Lil Mama ofcourse wouldn’t know anything about popping because all she pays attention to is how gangsta and how much swag you have. And Omarion just sits there and says “great job, good performance, you guys did well, blah blah, ” Popping is one of the earliest forms of dancing and wouldn’t be known by these three judges who were only trained in modern choreo with fast and sharp movements so you already know that’s where the bias that JC has towards popping and “tic tick ticking” comes from.

    Such a shame. If Shane Sparks were here he would’ve definitely addressed the technicalities and detail that Poreotix brought because he was a true dancer who knew of the history and background of popping that Poreotix was bringing back. This would’ve definitely got Poreotix more fans and less haters..

    I also think the camera angles took away from a lot of Poreotix’s dancing. Watch from a straight angle and pay attention to how much detail they bring to the table with their little movements. Their musicality is amazing and how they hit to the music is on par with almost jabbawockeez imo. but their choreo doesnt touch jabba.

  • Janet