Americas Best Dance Crew Season 5: Regionals – The East

Tonight we got to experience the groups from the East coast and personally I was not disappointed. Overall the caliber of groups from the East seemed to be better than the South, but of course not everyone can make it through to the finals, so let’s get right to it.

The first group up was Legendary Seven which is actually made up of 2 previous members of Status Quo. They came out and performed to a master mix of “I Can Transform Ya” by Chris Brown featuring Lil Wayne and if you know that song you know that it’s pretty high energy with lots of pretty hard beats, but with that said it’s a good song to do a high energy routine to and that’s exactly what these guys did. Right off the bat I was already more impressed by these guys than any of the groups that went last night. I’m a sucker for the high energy routines though. I thought the idea of transforming into a helicopter at the beginning was really cool and came together perfectly smooth. The whole routine was clean and tight, but apparently the judges didn’t think the same and they were sent to the bottom 3.

Next up was Draztik who performed to a master mix featuring Britney Spears’ “Shattered Glass”. At first they seemed to have a very similar style as Legendary Seven, lots of energy and fast movement, but they seemed to have more actual coreography than Legendary Seven did which the judges seemed to like, and I did too. The only thing they were kind of lacking was in the stunt department and apparently that was enough for the judges to drop them down to the bottom 3 and forced them to battle against Legendary 7.

The rest of the group breakdowns can be found after the jump.

Blueprint Cru was the third group up and by far the best group of the night (in my opinion). They performed to a master mix featuring Bishop Lemont’s “Feel On It” and absolutely killed it. The routine was very clean and the energy was extremely high and at this point in the show they were already my pick as one of the top 2 and apparently the judges agreed and sent them through to the finals, although Omarion wasn’t feeling them for some reason. I still stick by what I said last week that I actually prefer Lil Mama’s comments over Omarion’s and really wish Shane Sparks hadn’t gone and gotten himself in trouble… ugh.

Next up was Static Noyze who performed to a great song, a master mix of Jay-Z’s “On To The Next One”, but the mix started off a little slow which immediately lost me. I thought the slow beginning was just that, too slow and not very interesting. Once “On To The Next One” actually kicked in they got a little better, but I still wasn’t really feeling them during this performance. At some points I was actually more amused by the fact that the one member of the group looks identical to Michael Phelps… if he were black. In the end the judges apparently saw the same thing I did and this was the final group to be voted down into the bottom with along with Legendary Seven and Draztik.

The final group to go, Saltare, brought a little bit of a gimmick with them in the form of jump ropes. In the same vein as groups like Breaksk8 and (kind of like) Dynamic Edition and their clogs, I just wasn’t feeling the performance. Don’t get me wrong I thought it was pretty cool and all, but it didn’t feel like dancing to me. It just felt like a jump rope demo with a few random dance-type moves thrown in, but for some reason the judges thought they were better than at least 3 of the other groups and sent them through to the finals.

So we’re left with Legendary Seven, Draztik and Static Noyze set to battle it out in final showdown. Personally I thought that Draztik did the best out of all 3 groups in the end and Legendary Seven just completely fell apart. L7 was really sloppy and just seemed all over the place which was the complete opposite from what they did in the first solo performance at the beginning of the show. I did enjoy Static Noyze’s performance in the end better than their first one, but I didn’t think they were better than Draztik, but again the judges saw something I didn’t and put Static Noyze through instead of Draztik. So there you have it, Blueprint Cru, Saltare and Static Noyze are moving on to the finals to join the 3 groups from the South.