America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4

Wow, ok, yes I watch this show, everyone has a guilty pleasure that they usually keep a secret from their friends and this is mine. I don’t dance, I can’t dance, I kind of wish I could do this kind of stuff, but I’m not black or asian so I’m just going to stay out of it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t watch the show. I’m not into those other stupid dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars, both of which I find extremely boring, but this show focuses on the more modern, hip-hop aspect of dance that is popular with the kids these days. I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy the show, it’s not like I’m a 27 year old guy sitting at home watching Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill (or any of those shitty CW shows), it’s just good entertainment. Now that it’s on Sunday nights though it could interfere with football season, but thankfully we have a DVR. But enough about that, let’s get to the show and the “crews”.

America’s Best Dance Crew is now in it’s 4th season and personally I don’t think they’ve topped the first season yet. None of the winners of season 2 or 3 compare to Jabbawockeez and I really think Beat Freakz should have won last year as they were much better and more consistent than Quest Crew, but oh well. So back to last night, I wasn’t terribly blown away by any of the groups in particular, but I was surprised at some of the groups that the judges like so I’ve decided to give a quick rundown of my opinions of the “crews” from last night.

AfroBorike – This is a Puerto Rican/Cuban group that mixes salsa, roomba (isn’t that a robotic vacuum cleaner) and hip-hop, or so they say. All I saw in their performance was salsa and latin dancing, there wasn’t much hip-hop or breaking or any of the stuff we’re used to seeing, it just looked liked what you would expect if you went to a salsa club. I wasn’t impressed at all by these guys and was very surprised that they made it through to next week’s show. There was an all male group last season that was very similar to this so maybe the judges feel bad and are just trying to please the latin community, I don’t know, at least they have a few hot women to look at. My prediction is that these guys will be gone either next week or the week after, they will not last much longer.

Artistry In Motion – Or as I like to call them, The Group With The Fat Chick Who Won’t Shut Up. I really hate when they do the group introductions in the first episode and every single group has a sob story about growing up. Usually it involves growing up in a bad area of [insert city here] or having a parent that disowned them because they are “pursuing their dream” or even a parent that passed away recently, but this group’s hardship comes in the form of a fat chick. She just complains that people told her she would never be a dancer because of her body type (she’s honestly not “that” big) and she wants to prove them wrong because she loves to dance. Blah blah blah, not to be insensitive towards larger people, but this isn’t a sob story, man up, get to the gym and lose some weight. I bet you’ll be a better dancer (and healthier) in the end anyways, so it’s worth it. Despite the sob story these guys didn’t impress me much at all either, kind of sloppy and boring to watch. My prediction is that they won’t make it to the top 5.

Beat Ya Feet Kings – Didn’t care for these guys at all. Their “gimmick” is that they can do things with their feet that nobody has ever seen before… Ok, that may be true, but we haven’t seen it for a reason, it’s pointless. Imagine doing a “c-walk” after taking speed and drinking 10 red bulls, that’s all this is. I’d rather see the slow intricate movement of a crip walk than the fast, spazzy movement of these guys. I thought for sure they deserved to go home last night, but apparently N’Sync and Lil Five-Head didn’t feel the same way. Oh yeah, Lil Five-Head is Lil Mama, cause seriously, her forehead started on the top of her skull. I’m sorry I really can’t stand Lil Mama at all. I still have no clue why she’s famous, her one song about lipstick or something was absolutely terrible and she hasn’t done anything since… Whenever she starts talking on the show I have to fast forward through it, just like Paula on American Idol. If I’m not behind on the DVR I’ll purposely pause it when she starts talking, grab a beer, come back and fast forward past her. These guys were in the bottom 2 last night and should have gone home over Fr3sh, but my prediction is these guys will probably make the top 5 despite their lack of actual dance skills and only because there are a handful of groups that are worse than them.

Massive Monkees – And of course the asians are killing it once again. While they didn’t have the greatest choreography and actual dance moves last night, their tricks and b-boy style was incredible. These guys definitely remind me of Super Crew and Quest Crew so I have a feeling they are going to go pretty far. My prediction is a top 3 finish for these guys with a good shot at winning the whole thing.

Rhythm City – Nothing personal about New Yorkers, but I hate when there are crews from New York on the show because it always makes Lil Five-Head that much more annoying. Last year with the bone crushing guys and then this year with Rhythm City. However, Rhythm City killed it last night and could definitely take this whole competition based on that performance alone. My prediction is these guys will be in the finals at the end of the season with a very good chance of winning.

Southern Movement – Hick-hop is what these guys are trying to bring to the forefront and it didn’t really work for me in the first performance. The judges obviously agreed with me because they sent them to the bottom 3 for the evening, but I think that’s what these guys needed to really turn it up. Their first dance was to some Dierks Bentley song that didn’t really sit well with anyone, but when they got up and danced to Boom Boom Pow it was night and day. While I don’t see these guys being strong enough to win the whole thing, I think they will easily make the top 5.

Vogue Evolution – 4 gay guys and one transgender man/chick. I have nothing against gays, but I don’t really care for their style of dancing, it’s just too…. i guess, gay for me. I just felt like I was watching a terrible drag show or something, I don’t even know how to explain it. I really think they should have been the ones to go home, but again I think the judges are trying to keep some diversity on the show instead of letting the more talented asian group stick around. My prediction is these “guys” will be gone next week.

We Are Heroes – Another all female group in the vein of Beat Freakz from last season and while not quite as good as Beat Freakz, they are definitely talented. I’m actually looking forward to what these chicks can do the rest of the season and think they are going to make it pretty far. My prediction is a top 3 finish for them and with a couple upsets we could possibly see the first female winners, but it’s not going to be easy.

Fr3sh – And of course, asians! I really liked this group and thought they were much better than some of the groups that got to stay last night. Like I said, I really think they are trying to keep some diversity on the show instead of putting the actual good groups through. There is no way Vogue Evolution should have made it past last night’s show over these guys. Obviously I can’t predict how far they will go cause they were booted last night.

So that’s what’s going on for season 4 of America’s Best Dance Crew. I’ve listed my full season prediction below (solely based on last nights performances, so obviously anything can change) and who I think will be voted off and when. If you watch the show who do you think will make it through? Who sucked last night? What did you think overall? Let us know in the comments.

9. Fr3sh
8. Vogue Evolution
7. Afro Borike
6. Artistry In Motion
5. Beat Ya Feet Kings
4. Southern Movement
3. We Are Heroes
2. Massive Monkees
1. Rhythm City

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