America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4 Week 7

This was the final week before the live season finale of America’s Best Dance Crew next week and this is where the groups needed to prove why they are here. Each group performed to a “master mix” of 5 songs throughout 5 decades and had to incorporate certain moves and ideas from each of the decades as well as put their own twist on things. I’m going to be upfront and say that I didn’t care for any of the performances with regards to this challenge. I just felt like the songs themselves weren’t as upbeat as we were used to and the groups seemed to have a little bit of trouble speeding up and slowing down for different songs.  The remaining 3 groups performed the “decade dance” and then after one group was booted the final 2 performed however they wanted to, to a mix of their own song. So with that said let’s get into the first performances from each group.

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AfroBorike was the group that America apparently voted into the finals next week and I couldn’t disagree more. I really don’t think this group should have made it this far and I know I’m not the only one. They seem to do the same things every week where they just let the girls be sexy as the guys throw them around. This week, like I said above, I wasn’t really feeling these first dances from any of the crews, but I found myself extremely bored with AfroBorike. I just tried to watch it again on to refresh my memory and I was struggling to make it all the way through. This group just doesn’t seem to have the intensity as the other groups at least tried to have in this challenge, but again the challenge itself had a lot of slow movements that made for some slower, not so great performances. I really don’t see how these guys beat out both Massive Monkees and We Are Heroes to earn a definite spot in the final show, but apparently there are some people out there that like them.

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Massive Monkees were up next and didn’t do quite as bad as I thought AfroBorike did, but I thought the middle was a little boring. Again, probably because of the Usher section that started slowing things up, but the opening was pretty good, it got the energy up pretty quickly and the stunts and tricks they were doing were cool as always. The middle was a little slow and a little disjointed to me, but then once the James Brown section kicked in they came back together and finished pretty strong. I definitely agree with the judges in that We Are Heroes did much better than them this week, but I really don’t think this should have even been an issue since AfroBorike should have been the ones going home this week.

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We Are Heroes were the other group in the bottom with Massive Monkees and obviously they came out on top in the end and I totally agree. Out of all 3 of these performances I enjoyed this one the most. The opening James Brown section was incredible, it seems like this section was the best for all of the groups tonight, but I liked this version the best. I didn’t even mind the Usher section so much when they got to that section although I do feel that it slowed down the overall pace of the performance. We Are Heroes definitely did the best out of any of the 3 crews in this challenge and the judges made the right choice. I think We Are Heroes is going to win the whole competition next week even without their last performance, which was just the nail in the coffin.

So Massive Monkees was eliminated leaving AfroBorike and We Are Heroes to battle it out in one more performance for us to vote on. Each group got to go into the studio and create their own song mix to create their own dance to. There were no challenges and nothing holding the groups back from showing us what they are made of, so let’s get to it.

(I couldn’t find the final performances on, sorry)

AfroBorike was up first and I feel like they definitely stepped it up from what we’ve seen in the past, but again, more of the same. The girls acting all sexy, as they are, and the guys throwing them around. I don’t know if I’m just not versed in the Puerto Rican/Cuban culture, but I got more of the African impression with the big drum and face paint. I thought it was a little too theatrical at points for my liking and didn’t really compare to what we saw out of We Are Heroes.

We Are Heroes just blew me away tonight with their last performance. There is no way that these girls should not win the whole competition next week. The use of fire may have amped me up a little more than it should, just because it’s more explosive and just makes the performance seem more powerful overall, but the dancing itself was so clean, the moves were all on point, the athletics and stunts were good, everything about this just showed that these girls should be on top next week.

So that’s that, next week is the live season finale where the winner will be crowned. I’m looking forward to all of the crews coming back to do their little end of season routines together, those are always cool and I’m curious to see who America votes for to win it all. So you know my prediction for the winner, who you think will win; AfroBroike or We Are Heroes? Let us know in the comments.