America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4 Week 6

Wow, I really don’t think the judges were watching the same performances that we were watching. It’s no surprise that I’ve been a fan of Rhythm City since the very beginning, they are the most consistent from the week to week, the are the cleanest group and their performances are the most exciting, so obviously I was pretty surprised when they were eliminated last night during the VMA Performance Challenge. Don’t get me wrong I was also surprised that Massive Monkees were in the bottom 2 over AfroBorike, but based on the performances last night MM should have been the ones going home and I’ll explain more during the breakdown, so let’s get into it.

America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 4)MTV Shows

We Are Heroes was the first group saved last night and did Madonna’s “Vogue” performance. I thought it was an “OK” performance, it was definitely a good performance compared to some of the other groups last night, but I feel like they have slowly slipped since the opening of the season. The tutting/popping section in the middle of the performance, with the fans, was one of the best moments of last night, but there wasn’t quite the intensity I remember from the beginning of the season. I understand that they had a challenge and the performance isn’t quite that “intense”, but I know the group can bring it, so I was a little disappointed. However, that being said and knowing that Rhythm City went home last night, I hope We Are Heroes wins the whole thing. I have a good feeling that Massive Monkees are going to win, but I would much rather see We Are Heroes take the title.

Next up AfroBorike, big surprise actually. It seems like these guys have just kind of skated through this far and I don’t know how. They are decent, but compared to the other groups I just don’t see the appeal. They were given Britney Spears’ “I’m A Slave For You” and I think it fit them pretty well. Britney has those sexy body rolls and moves that fit the girls of this group very well. The performance was pretty good, but I still don’t think they should have made it this far in the competition. The routines always seem the same, the guys pick up the girls and throw them around and then they do some sexier moves and they’re done, that’s it. I was really surprised that they were not in the bottom two this week, but I will lose all faith in the viewers if they are saved next week.

Massive Monkees was in the bottom two for the first time this week and I think it was long overdue. I don’t think people realize just how overhyped these guys really are. Sure they are athletic and they can do the stunts that some of the other groups can’t, but their dancing is average at best. But of course, looking at the past seasons of ABDC, this type of group is what America likes watching whether they can dance or not. This week the guys had to tackle N’Sync and it was boring. I was not impressed by anything that these guys did in the performance. I don’t know why the judges thought that it was their best performance of the season, because it may have been one of the, if not the, worst performance of the night. It was slow moving, the moves were lame, they were out of a sync and people were messing up a little bit and it just wasn’t exciting. How these guys got saved over Rhythm City I don’t know, but I hope Massive Monkees go home next week.

Rhythm City… as I said before I’ve been a fan of these guys since the very first episode and had them pegged to win the whole thing and I still believe that they were the best crew on the show this season. I don’t know what Lil Mama and Shane were watching, but this performance was the most energetic and clean performance of the night. These guys actually dance as opposed to just flipping around and spinning on their heads. When JC gave his opinion of the performance it seemed like Lil Mama was starting to flip-flop over to their side yet Shane wouldn’t give in and they were sent home. There’s no reason that they should have gone home last night based on their performance compared to Massive Monkees. I’ve never had any respect for anything that Lil Mama says, honestly I usually fast forward through her opinions because I can’t stand looking at her, but I usually respect Shane’s opinion because he seems to know what he’s talking about, but I seriously have no idea what he was watching last night with Rhythm City.

So that’s that, the top 3 is We Are Heroes, AfroBorike and Massive Monkees. I would love to see Massive Monkees go home next week, but I think it’s going to be AfroBorike. I also hope that We Are Heroes wins the whole thing, but I have a feeling that Massive Monkees is going to take it based solely on the winners of previous seasons and not on their average dance skills.

So what did you think of the performances last night? Was Rhythm City really worse than Massive Monkees last night? Does Lil Mama kind of resemble a male version of JC?

Update: I must have missed this while half paying attention to the performance, but did you guys see Lil Mama make a fool of her self at the VMA’s last night? She jumped on stage at the end of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance at the end of the show and started throwing her hands up, I’m assuming she was trying to “rep” New York like she does all the time on ABDC, but all she did was make herself look like an idiot. You could even see Jay-Z look at her like “WTF are you doing here?” and then he pushes her behind him, but she still comes and strikes a pose at the end with the 2. I knew she was crazy, but wow, what a moron.