America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4 Week 5

A few slight surprises this week, but we are winding down to the end so obviously not everyone can win. This week’s challenge was to incorporate a new hip-hop dance craze and a trampoline into the performances. Now this whole concept was a little misleading before the first group got on stage. Mario Lopez made it sound like the entire performance would be done on a trampoline and having owned a trampoline growing up I know that it’s damn near impossible to bounce with 5 people on one of them, let alone dance together. And even when they showed the groups warming up at the gymnastics center it seemed as though they were all going to be jumping on a big trampoline for the entire time… but they definitely were not. There was a mini-trampoline built into the stage, I’d say it was no bigger than 10-12 feet across and 2-3 feet wide. 3 people were able to stand on it next to each other and that’s about it, but it did add some cool tricks to the performances this week… and on that note let’s get into the crews.

(Couldn’t find the individual performance videos on so here’s the whole episode)

America’s Best Dance Crew (Season 4)MTV Shows

Right off the bat I was surprised with AfroBorike being saved, but I was really only surprised because I thought Vogue Evolution had more of a following than they apparently do. I didn’t really care for AfroBorike’s performance last week, I thought it was a little sloppy and I really didn’t expect them to be in the top 3. This weeks performance was a little better than last week with the “Swag Surfin” move which I really didn’t see them do a whole lot with. I did like some of their tricks and stuff this week, but it was the same stuff they always do, throwing the girls around and picking them up and stuff. So while it was a decent performance I don’t think they will be around after next week.

Massive Monkees were the next group saved and again, no real surprise there. They are definitely one of the best groups on the show and continue to be consistent from week to week, but I still don’t think they have that “it” quality that it takes to win the show. Last week the Monkees killed it and it was pretty obvious they weren’t going anywhere and this week was pretty good as well. They had the “Ricky Bobby” dance, which is apparently some wacky arm movements followed up by striking a pose. The performance was pretty good they absolutely killed the challenge of the dance craze and utilized the trampoline very well. It was almost as if the trampoline was added just for them. Their stunts have always been pretty big and the trampoline just amplified the entire thing to new heights. They also incorporated some props which they didn’t have to do and most of the time I don’t like them, but the fire extinguisher and the camera really fit in well with the rest of the performance. So yeah, these guys aren’t going anywhere next week. I’m having a hard time deciding who is going to be in the bottom 2 next week, I’ve said before that I love Rhythm City and Monkees may have done a little better than them this week, at least had more energy, but Rhythm City is still a tighter group in my opinion… and speaking of which.

Next up was Rhythm City and their dance move was “The Jerk” and while they didn’t utilize it was well as some of the other groups utilized their dance move, these guys are still by far the cleanest, tightest group on the show right now. They used the trampoline pretty well and even incorporated a little story behind the performance which was kinda cool, but like I said above, they didn’t quite “go for it” like Massive Monkees and We Are Heroes did, but I don’t think it’s going to hurt their chances of making the top 3 next week.

A little surprised to see We Are Heroes in the bottom 2, but I didn’t really care too much for the last 2 weeks performances so apparently America felt the same way. However, I feel like AfroBorike should have been in this spot instead, but that’s just me. So “Heroes” had the “Stanky Leg” which they incorporated into the performances perfectly. The whole routine was based around the move and it worked well. Throw in the trampoline and some killer stunts and overall probably the best performance of the night if you ask me. They did some really cool isolations with the sock at the beginning and then some really cool flips and stuff off the trampoline. Overall probably my favorite performance of the night and I don’t see them leaving next week.

Last but not least is Vogue Evolution and the “Halle Berry” which is basically touching your face. It seemed kind of similar to vogue-ing but definitely different. They definitely accomplished the task and touched their faces a lot, but the overall performance was pretty sloppy. They didn’t seem to be in step with each other and they don’t seem to be quite as athletic as the other groups and it showed when they used the trampoline. I don’t think they did any actual flips, just some scissor kicks over group members and some normal jumps. It also seemed as if Leiomy did not want to be there tonight, her moves just seemed half-assed and out of step and apparently the judges must have agreed because they sent them home today. Overall throughout the season there were some performances of theirs that surprised me and were quite good, but the consistency from week to week just wasn’t there and I agree with the judges decision to send this group home instead of We Are Heroes.

So we’re down to the top 4 and it’s a very close competition in my eyes. Based on this week alone I would have to say that We Are Heroes and Massive Monkees will end up on top next week, but if you look at the season as a whole and the consistency from week to week I still put my vote with Rhythm City. But while I may look at the season as a whole I don’t think most of the voters are and will probably base the voting on this week alone. So while I hate to say it I think the bottom 2 next week may be Rhythm City and AfroBorike with AfroBorike going home.

What did you think of this weeks performances? Did you agree with the judges choice? Let us know in the comments.