Wow, talk about a little bit shocking. Another two groups in the bottom and another group sent home, but was it who you thought it was going to be? It’s definitely not who I pegged to be the next one gone. This weeks challenge was martial arts and each group had to incorporate a different style of martial arts into their routines. These challenge episodes are always a little difficult for some of the groups. Last week with the Beyonce challenge the guys in most groups couldn’t really pull off some of the moves and this week those groups that aren’t quite as acrobatic had a little bit of trouble with the moves. But that’s not to say that even the group known for its acrobatic moves was able to pull off the challenge flawlessly. So with that said lets get to the performances.

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The first two groups saved weren’t a huge surprise, but I didn’t have one of them going much further in the competition.

AfroBorike was the first group saved this week and I have to admit I was a little surprised. I did think they deserved to stay over Artistry In Motion last week, but I just didn’t think their performances were good enough to warrant them being saved this week, but obviously America thought differently. Their performance was just alright. They didn’t really perform the challenge very well and there wasn’t a whole lot of difficulty. The judges slammed them down pretty hard, Shane pretty much said the performance sucked and he was bored. I don’t want to just agree with the judges here, but I think I may have to on this one. The energy wasn’t there, the moves were simple and the challenge wasn’t really completed well. I’m going to have to say that after this performance these guys are going to be down in the bottom 2 next week with a good chance of going home.

We Are Heroes was the next group saved and I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone. This group was pretty solid last week compared to all the other crews and I stand by my prediction of a top 3 finish, but they are slowly moving closer to the top spot in my eyes. This week they performed pretty well given the task. They came right out of the gate with fists blazing and never gave up the martial arts theme throughout the performance. I did like them and thought they were one of the best groups this week, but there was just something a little off about the performance that I can’t put my finger on. It just might have been all of the martial arts and not as much dancing. The fists seemed to be flying quite a bit during the entire performance which may have taken away from it a little for me, although there was an isolation/dance section in the middle that was really good. I don’t think there’s any chance these girls will be in the bottom 2 next week and will be around for a long time.

Vogue Evolution was the next group to be saved and for good reason. Their performance last week definitely impressed me and they deserve to be in the competition still. Now I say that based on last weeks performance, this week was a little sloppy. They were supposed to incorporate this “tiger” move into their routine and yes, the whole routine was based around a tiger theme, but I never really caught the actual move itself as described in the pre-game intro. They did a little scratching the air and stuff, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for. When they first started off it was really good and they were all together doing some great moves, not so difficult, but very clean and together… But then in the middle they fell apart. They seemed to be bouncing all over each other all discombobulated and messy. I know it was part of the performance and that’s what they wanted to do, but it just didn’t work for me, it looked amateurish. I still think these guys will be safe next week, but they are going to have to step it up if they want to make it further.

Massive Monkees were up next and surprisingly I wasn’t really feeling the performance. They chose to do the 540 kick that they all seemed to be having trouble with in the rehearsals and it showed during the performance when only one member was able to pull it off. I just feel they need to do a little more, I don’t know. I feel like in the previous weeks they just had more energy and more actual moves, it just didn’t feel like their usual level of difficulty was there this week. I remember watching similar crews in past seasons and feeling amazed at the end of the performances and I feel like this group is capable of that, but I didn’t see it this week. I’m still pulling for these guys to be in the top 3 and I have no doubt that they will be there. America loves these types of groups as you can see by the previous winners so I don’t think 1 mediocre performance is going to hurt their chances of winning the whole thing.

Beat Ya Feet Kings were the next group to be saved and this actually still surprises me. I seriously thought, based on last week, that these guys were going to be going home tonight. Their performance last week was just not good and this week wasn’t much better. They were supposed to do this foot fake thing that I completely missed while watching the performance and only caught during the judges slow-mo. The moves were generic and “youtubish” as Shane said (although I wouldn’t have used that term) and while their fast footwork is kind of cool I just don’t like their overall performances. As if I wasn’t surprised that they made it past this week I will be extremely surprised if they aren’t in the bottom 2 next week. America needs to wake up and realize that these guys can’t compare to the other groups out there. Hell they don’t even come close to the 2 groups that were in the bottom 2 this week.

So that leads us to the bottom 2 which I was very surprised about. One of the groups that I had winning the whole thing after week 1 fell all the way to the bottom 2 this week. Now I did mention in my review of last weeks show that a single show can make or break your chances and I think last week definitely (well obviously) hurt Rhythm City. I also don’t agree with America’s choice on putting Southern Movement in the bottom 2 as I thought their performance last week was probably the best one of the night. So with that said lets get to the bottom 2 performances.

Rhythm City was incredible, hands down the best performance of the night. They had a Kill Bill/Bruce Lee type theme going on with the one girl wearing the yellow tracksuit and she’s fighting off the rest of the group. They had a relatively obscure form of fighting that uses elbows and knees in the style, but they incorporated it great. This whole performance was entertaining, full of energy and cleaner than any other performance of the night, hands down. America is crazy if these guys end up in the bottom 2 again next week. While they didn’t have the greatest performance last week I still don’t feel they should have been in the bottom this week, but I guess we’ll see what happens.

Southern Movement was the other group in the bottom 2, surprisingly. As I said above they had one of the best performances last week and they definitely didn’t disappoint this week. They were the only group to use a prop and if you read my review last week I feel that the groups that get the props when other groups don’t, definitely have a disadvantage. However, if you thought the prop was a disadvantage tonight you’re crazy, these guys tore it up with those sticks. I would say We Are Heroes, Rhythm City and Southern Movement had the 3 best performances of the night and there’s no way these guys should have even been in the bottom 2 after last week. They were clean and together, there was a decent amount of difficulty, they completely owned the challenge more than any other group tonight, yet they were the group that went home… Doesn’t make sense.

So Southern Movement headed home tonight despite their amazing performance last week, and Honestly Beat Ya Feet Kings or AfroBorkie need to leave. The rest of the groups are all very close at this point and it’s really hard for me to even make predictions anymore, but these 2 crews aren’t even on the same level as the other groups anymore so I can safely say that I believe (hope) that they will be in the bottom 2 next week. As for the rest of the groups, it’s pretty close. All the groups seem to have immense talent and skill and I think people are going to be surprised by some of the groups that keep going in the competition. Hell I may even be surprised as I was with Vogue Evolution last week.

So what did you guys think of this weeks show? Do you think Rhythm City and Southern Movement deserved to be in the bottom 2 after last week’s show, and do you really feel that Southern Movement should have gone home?

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