American Idol is Dead in the Water

american idol

Honestly, I completely forgot that American Idol started last night until I quit playing Black Ops and the TV just happened to be on FOX when I switched over. I had somewhere to be so I set the DVR to record it and left the house. Upon returning at around 9:15PM, I checked the DVR for something to watch. I found myself skipping right over American Idol and chose to watch Modern Family instead as I enjoyed my delicious Taco Bell. After sitting through a half hour of genuinely funny TV in Modern Family, I decided to give the new Idol a shot, hoping that I’d get to laugh at some pretty terrible auditions and some ridiculous comments from the new hosts… I should have just gone to bed.

I tried, I really did, but I could only sit through about 15 minutes of the show before I had to shut it off. I chose to watch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice instead, that’s how bad it was… Randy is the same old Randy, always indifferent although he seemed like he was trying to take the lead on things, but that was never his role and I can’t see him stepping into it now. Jennifer Lopez would have been more entertaining if she was portrayed by Cartman’s hand. She’s definitely fitting into the Paula role as the compassionate, washed up star that nobody cares to hear from anymore, but she’s still annoying. And Steven Tyler just doesn’t fit in at all. I don’t blame the guys from Aerosmith for being pissed that he’s doing this crap, he’s only slightly better than Ellen in that he’s actually been in the music industry for years so he’s got an idea of what it takes to make it, but I still think the only reason he’s there is so that he can sit next to Jennifer Lopez.

While I feel bad judging the show after only watching 15 minutes of it, I think it’s safe to say that the show is dead in the water. I’m sure the ratings for this week will be alright, but I predict that they are going to drop off quickly and the producers are going to be left wondering if the show should continue… Simon Cowell was the best thing about that show and even Paula helped make the show what it is, if only for the ridiculous comments and banter between Simon and her. There is no way that Randy can hold the show on his own and especially not with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as support. I really only watched last year because Lee DeWyze is a friend of a friend and is from my area, but I can safely say that I will not be watching American Idol this season.