American Horror Story – Nor’easter (10-31-12) Recap

american horror story asylum noreaster recap

Solid cold open to this weeks episode of American Horror Story. Just like the last 2 episodes we find ourselves in present day with “The Lovers” Jenna Dewan and Adam Levine as they are being hunted through the halls of the now abandoned asylum, by Bloody Face. I’m not quite sure how Levine could be stabbed so many times and still manage to save Dewan from the clutches Bloody Face, but he does, only to reveal that there were 3 sadistic guys in Bloody Face masks tormenting them. It’s not until one of them points out the fact that Levine has had his arm ripped off that they realize they aren’t the only “Bloody Faces” in the building.

After the open we see Sister Eunice deliver a newspaper to Sister Jude, a newspaper from 1949; the night that Sister Jude, far from a sister at that point, killed a young girl while leaving the bar. This puts Sister Jude in a frenzied state which is only enhanced by the fact that the demon inside Sister Eunice is doing everything it can to rile her up. Sister Jude can’t handle it and turns to a bottle of wine to drown her sorrows. Sister Eunice/Satan brutally murders the mexican woman with a pair of scissors and then drags the body out into the woods to feed Dr. Arden’s creatures.  Then she decides that she’s going to try and seduce Dr. Arden, which doesn’t go over very well so she turns things on him and confesses to Sister Jude that Dr. Arden tried to rape her.

Meanwhile Lana asks Dr. Thredson if he can deliver a message to Wendy on the outside for her, just to make sure she’s ok. He agrees, but soon discovers that something awful may have happened to her. When he visits her house he finds a window open and a blood stain on the carpet; signs that the maniac the cops thought they arrested in Kit, is not the person they were looking for. At this point Kit, the French girl and the promiscuous woman are plotting to escape through the secret tunnel that Lana was brought in through, but upon learning about Wendy’s possible fate, Lana realizes that Kit couldn’t be the maniac they say he is and agrees to show them where the tunnel is. Upon escaping into the woods they quickly come upon the mexican’s body as well as a bunch of hungry, zombie-like, creatures feeding in the woods. The group is chased back into the tunnel and into the asylum.

While the group was attempting their escape, the promiscuous girl needed to create a distraction and after taking out one of the guards, was soon apprehended by Dr. Arden who seems to be going crazier as the days go by.  He brings her back to his lab and attempts to rape her, but when she sees that he’s hung like a baby, he gets furious and knocks her unconscious. Upon awaking she discovers that Dr. Arden truly has lost his mind and she’s lost her legs…

Now this is what I’m talking about. Obviously the first few episodes needed to setup what was happening in the asylum and introduce us to the characters, but now that things are established we’re getting into the skin and bones of the season. Dr. Arden might be more insane than any of the patients in the place, but for some reason nobody sees it except for Sister Eunice, who obviously isn’t going to say anything since she’s possessed by a demon. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes, but I am a little worried about those creatures. I hope they aren’t just brain-dead zombies that Dr. Arken has created, it’s too cliche. I hope they stay on the outskirts of the asylum for the sole purpose of being a deterrent for anyone trying to escape. I think it’s a cool and creative way to answer the question of why they don’t just cause an uprising and escape. If there were flesh eating zombie-creatures in the woods outside somewhere I was staying, I probably wouldn’t try to escape either. Especially since they aren’t slow, staggering creatures, they are “28 days later”-fast creatures.

So what did you guys think of this weeks episode? Do you like where things are going?