American Horror Story: Asylum – Welcome To Briarcliff (10-17-12)

american horror story asylum welcome to briarcliff season 2 premiere

american horror story asylum welcome to briarcliff season 2 premiere

Aside from “The Walking Dead”, “American Horror Story: Asylum” has been the show I’ve been waiting for all summer. If you read my review of season 1 on Blu-Ray, you would know that I’m a huge fan of this show. I sat down and watched the entire first season in one day, that’s how good it is. “Asylum” gives us a whole new storyline, a new group of people, as well as a completely different setting. I mean seriously, what’s creepier than an old insane asylum? Maybe an old dentist’s office… with old rudimentary tools and such hanging on the walls, screams from the other rooms as people are getting root canals with only whiskey as an anesthetic… yeah, that would probably be worse. I’d take ghosts over the dentist any day of the week, unless they were ghost dentists, then we’d have a problem.

American Horror Story: Asylum starts tonight on FX. Be sure to check in later for a recap of the episode!

Welcome To Briarcliff

In the second-season premiere, the evils of Briarcliff Manor, a notorious insane asylum, are exposed.

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Aliens, severed arms, sex in haunted locations, a man named bloody-face, science experiments gone wrong, spanking and a scantily clad 63 year old nurse… welcome to the Asylum. “American Horror Story Asylum” started last night with an interesting introduction to our new characters. You may recognize some familiar faces in the crowd, but those faces are now playing totally different characters. When I first heard that this was the case I thought it might be a bit of a distraction, but I was pleasantly surprised. My mind did not associate any of the actors with their previous characters from the first season, so I was left to try and figure out what the f— was happening.

It took me a little while to realize that this is not necessarily a ghost story like the first season one; it’s just an insane asylum with some crazy shit going on. Sister Jude runs Briarcliff, an insane asylum that caters to all different types of crazy, including a holding spot for murders as they await trial. Kit Walker has been accused of killing his wife and wearing her skin as a mask, but in his mind he was abducted by aliens… This part of the episode was a little weird for me. I really thought that when we saw the flashes of light as Kit was being abducted, we were then going to start seeing flashes of him actually receiving electroshock therapy. Basically his mind was telling him that he was abducted by aliens, but he was really in the asylum the whole time because he did murder his wife. Who knows, maybe that is what happens in the end, but that’s definitely what I thought was going to happen, not him actually getting abducted by aliens, or at least claiming to. Although Dr. Arden does find the weird alien tracking device in his neck, which when removed decided to sprout legs and run away.

Then we have Lana, a reporter hell bent on getting the real story about what’s going on behind the doors at Briarcliff. Things take a bit of a turn when she runs into Sister Mary Eunice out in the woods one night, as she’s feeding some of Dr. Arden’s experiments… We didn’t get to see these crazy woods people that eat buckets of flesh, but it was enough to scare Eunice and Lana through the secret underground tunnels back into the asylum where Sister Jude is waiting for them. Sister Jude uses Lana’s lesbian relationship with her girlfriend to get her committed to the asylum. Yup, her girlfriend turned on her that quickly to save her career as a teacher. You would think since the girlfriend was behind her so much in getting the story about the asylum, she would have gone straight to the police and had Lana rescued from the evil clutches of Sister Jude, but no, instead she signs the papers saying that Lana should be committed.

The Asylum is definitely much different than what we were given in Season 1 of American Horror Story, but I’m still on board. I’m looking forward to seeing how they weave the Adam Levine/Jenna Dewan characters into everything that’s happening in the 1960’s, especially since Adam Levine just had his arm ripped off by something behind a steel door. For some reason I thought these two actors had a much larger part in the story, and maybe they do, but for now I could see them never showing up again and being used more as a way to introduce us to the Asylum itself, but we’ll see. I’m not as impressed with season 2, as I was with season 1, quite yet, but it definitely still interests me and I’ll be sticking it out.

What did you guys think? Was it all a bit weird for you? Will you continue watching?