American Horror Story Asylum – Tricks and Treats (10-24-12)

american horror story asylum tricks and treats 10-24-12

American Horror Story Asylum continues tonight with our 2nd look at the Briarcliff Insane Asylum. This time it looks as though we are going to be witness to an exorcism. I love a good exorcism, The Exorcist is still one of my favorite horror movies and recent flicks like The Last Exorcism have fallen into my top horror lists over the past few years. There’s nothing like an evil spirit taking control over an unwilling person and forcing them to do things they don’t want to do.

Tricks and Treats

An exorcist is called to Briarcliff to help save a troubled farm boy; Sister Jude’s darkest secret is revealed.

Check back later for a recap of tonights episode.

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Well it looks like that’s it for Adam Levine. His character was brutally murdered at the beginning of the episode, followed closely by Ms. Winter’s girlfriend; the same one that Sister Jude forced into signing the statement to commit her. And now Sister Jude has convinced Dr. Arden to perform electroshock therapy on Lana in an effort to keep her from remembering the awful things that have happened to her over the past couple days. She knows she’s being held against her will and once her editor figures out what’s happened to her, she’ll spill the beans on the whole operation; unless of course she can’t remember anything.

Introducing Dr. Oliver Thredson, Zachary Quinto, the head shrink whom is interviewing Kit to determine whether he’s crazy or not, and whether he is fit to stand trial. Obviously his story about the aliens isn’t doing anything to help his cause and he’s instantly dubbed clinically insane. Seeing no other way out of the asylum, he decides he needs to break out, but hasn’t quite figured that part out. She knows there is the tunnel through which she came in, but she needs help getting there so she enlists her cellmate.

We’re then introduced to Jed, a 17 year old whom appears to be either crazy or possessed. After speaking in tongues and ripping open the family cow, his family has come to the asylum to seek help, but Dr. Thredson and Sister Jude begin to butt heads almost immediately in their diagnosis. Dr. Threadson orders the patient to be medicated, but Sister Jude knows there are more sinister things at work. The exorcism starts without the approval of Dr. Thredson, and it’s immediately evident that this boy is more than just sick in the head. Body transformations, speaking in tongues, and extreme strength that lift the bed off of the ground are not normal occurrences in mental health. At one point he even causes the exorcist, Father Malachi, to fly through the air, wheelchair and all. At which point Sister Jude goes into the room and ends up getting locked in and belittled by the demon, at which point we’re given a little incite into her past as a lounge singer, and kind of a whore. We also learn that as she was driving home drunk one night, she hit a young girl with her car and left her to die.

As the exorcism heightens, the demon begins to reek havoc on the asylum when he unlocks all of the doors to the cells allowing the “patients” to escape. So when Ms. Winter’s cell unlocks it gives them the opportunity to escape, but when her roommate won’t leave without Kit, she screams for the guards who subsequently beat him down and restrain him before he can get out. At which point Jed goes into cardiac arrest and dies, only for the demon to escape his body and appear to inhabit Sister Eunice.

We also find out that Dr. Arden is kind of a freak who’s into bondage. He hires a prostitute to have dinner with him and then dress up like a nun, but when she finds racy pictures of past prostitutes hogtied on the bed, she decides that maybe it was time she left. The best line of this sequence was when Dr. Arden asks her to show him her mossy bank… This show definitely doesn’t restrain itself when it comes to colorful language.

The exorcism scenes were definitely the standouts this week, the rest of the episode was just kind ‘meh’. Obviously the demon has now taken up home in Sister Eunice, so things are going to get interesting with her, especially with her knowing about Dr. Arden’s “creatures” in the woods. I’m definitely still on board with the show so we’ll be back next week to see what happens.

What did you guys think?