American Horror Story Asylum: I Am Anne Frank (Part 2) 11-14-12 Recap

american horror story asylum i am anne frank part 2 recap

Holy shit!

There really are no other words I can use to describe this weeks episode of American Horror Story Asylum. So much happened in this week it’s insane… literally. The episodes opens with Sister Jude contacting some sort of private investigator to look int Dr. Arden and his possible nazi ties. The only good bit of information that came from this scene was the fact that all nazi SS soldiers have their blood-type tattooed on their left arms. I thought for sure something would happen and we’d see Dr. Arden’s arm, but we weren’t so lucky this week. Never fear though, they wouldn’t have made it a point to tell us about the tattoo and then show us the picture at the very end if we weren’t going to see it eventually.

Back at Briarcliff, “Anne Frank” has a gun pointed at Dr. Arden, but soon has a gun pointed at her own head when security discovers what she’s done. She’s drugged and restrained for the time being. That is, until a strange turn of events causes her to be released. Her husband shows up to bring her home. He claims that her real name is Charlotte and she became obsessed with the fact that she was Anne Frank after their baby was born. The baby was born with a condition that caused him to constantly cry no matter what they did, which drove her insane. Combine that with seeing an Anne Frank play and reading the diary, and pretty soon she believed she was her. Despite Dr. Thredson’s recommendation, Sister Jude allows Charlotte’s husband to take her home, but that doesn’t last long.

A day or so later (maybe not even that long), Charlotte is brought back after she attempted to suffocate the baby. Her husband can’t trust her to be home alone, so he had nowhere else to turn. Dr. Arden recommends a lobotomy, which will turn her into a totally different person. It’s obvious at this point that, whether or not the woman is actually Anne Frank, she’s figured out who Dr. Arden really is. With no other options, they go through with the procedure which definitely turns her into a different person. The episode ends with her standing in what used to be her nazi memorial office, but now it only has a handful of pictures on the wall and most of the stuff in a box to be taken to the garbage. The camera zooms in on one of the remaining pictures to show what clearly looks like Dr. Arden standing behind Hitler in a nazi uniform.

I’m not sure what to believe with her story at this point. I do believe that Dr. Arden is the nazi war scientist that she believes he is, but I still don’t know whether or not she was Anne Frank. It wouldn’t have been hard for her to block out her past, or at least cover it up so that she could move on with her life, but I’m not sure. She could have just been crazy. Either way, her obsession with Anne Frank led to the discovery that Dr. Arden is a nazi, which I’m sure will lead to more things down the road.

So that’s just one part of the episode, there were a few other very interesting things that happened that I’ll run through really quickly before getting to the meat of the story.

Kit gets released from solitary confinement and will not be getting the procedure to sterilize him, but Grace is still scheduled to undergo surgery. That is, until she wakes up the next morning to a bright beam of light under the door, at which point it opens and we see the reflection of the alien in her eye. Later on we see glimpses of her on an operating table in a bright white room surrounded by Kit’s supposed dead wife, and the alien. The alien makes an incision in her stomach and that’s all wee see. Later on the episode Kit finds Grace sitting in the common area, bleed down her legs. As he calls for a doctor the police show up and arrest him now that they know he’s not crazy. How do they know he’s not crazy you ask? Well Dr. Thredson had Kit record his statement, which the Dr. said would be used to keep Kit out of the electric chair and locked up in Briarcliff for the rest of his life. Obviously this was all a lie, as the confession lead the police to see Kit as sane and fit to stand trial, thus sending him to a real prison.

Why would Dr. Thredson do this you ask? Maybe the fact that he is actually Bloody Face has something to do with it!!!! HOLY SHIT! I always knew there was something creepy about him, but I truly thought that he was just going to be one of the nice ones that wanted to help people. We discover that he is Bloody Face, when he sneaks Lana out of the asylum on his last night working there. He brings her back to his house, saying that it’s safer there because once they realize she’s missing, the first place they’ll look is her house.

She starts to notice a few strange things about his place. First of all, the lamp shade appears to be made of skin. And if that wasn’t enough, the bowl full of mints is half of a skull…. Realizing that something is up, she asks to use the bathroom, but while trying to find an unlocked door, she stumbles upon his workshop. A workshop full of bones and skin. He ends up cornering her in the room and releases a trap door which sends her down into a secret basement room. It’s here that Lana finds her girlfriend laying dead on the ground and Dr. Thredson reveals that he is Bloody Face as he appears wearing a mask made of human skin!!

This part of the story is genius. If you think about it a bit more, Dr. Thredson most definitely is not this guys real name, and I bet you money that he’s not even a real doctor, although he still could be. My theory is that once Kit was arrested for the murder of his wife, “Bloody Face” saw an opportunity to frame someone else for the murders that he’s committed. If he is a real doctor, his real name is definitely not Dr. Thredson. There’s a line of dialogue between Thredson and the security guard right before he leaves for the night. Sister Jude had sent for Thredson to evaluate Anne Frank, but when the security guard approached him as he was leaving he told the security guard to tell Sister Jude that he no longer worked there, which is true because it was his last night, but then he also said to tell her that “he never did”. So clearly when Lana comes up missing and Dr. Thredson is investigated, nobody is going to find anything because Dr. Thredson doesn’t exist.

This episode was intense and just hammers home the fact that this show is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. I still have a hard time believing that Ryan Murphy created Glee as well…

What did you guys think of this weeks episode?