American Horror Story Asylum: I Am Anne Frank (Part 1) 11-7-12 Recap

american horror story asylum this is anne frank recap

This weeks episode of “American Horror Story Asylum” is the first in a 2 parter. A girl shows up on the steps of Briarcliff after getting into a fight at a local bar with some guys who made some anti-Semitic remarks. Upon arriving at Briarcliff she won’t speak to anyone at first, until she comes face to face with Dr. Arden whom she recognizes from her day sin Auschwitz… her name is Anne Frank.

Anne Frank was thought to have been killed in the holocaust, but the things this girl is saying are starting to add up and Sister Jude is becoming more suspicious of Dr. Arden. It’s not until a set of homicide detectives show up at the asylum does she really start to believe the accusations made against Dr. Arden. The prostitute that he had hired in a previous episode, the one that found his stash of bondage pictures and nazi memorabilia, had gone to the cops and explained what had happened. Not knowing who else to confront about the situation, Sister Jude tells Monsignor Howard about the accusations made against Dr. Arden, and he tries to calm her down. As she leaves the room he calls Dr. Arden to let him know that people are on to him and that he should tie up any loose ends.

The only real loose end that can cause harm to Dr. Arden is Anne Frank, and he knows what he has to do. He pulls her into his lab and continues to deny the accusations that he’s actually Hans Grouper, a nazi soldier that was stationed in Auschwitz, but she doesn’t believe him. She remembers the horrible things he did to the women in the concentration camp; he put their fate in the hands of a coin flip. The girls were never the same after Grouper brought them back and Anne wasn’t about to let him get away with what he’d done. Now equipped with a gun, Anne is ready to avenge all of the girls Grouper/Arden had hurt in the past. The gun came from the detectives that were in the building earlier questioning Dr. Arden; Anne managed to lift one of the guns as they were walking down the stairs.

Backed into a corner, Anne has no choice but to shoot out one of Dr. Arden’s legs as he makes an advance towards her. He falls as she moves over towards a locked door. With the threat of a gunshot to the other leg, Dr. Arden gives up the keys to the locked door, behind which she finds a grotesque Shelley, who’s body is not taking well to Dr. Arden’s cruel experiments. And that’s where the episode leaves us.

There were a few other developments with Kit, Lana and Grace, but the majority of the episode focused on Dr. Arden and Anne Frank. Dr. Thredson does’t believe that Lana should be in the asylum and tries to get her to respond to some crazy form of therapy to no avail; He leaves the asylum at the end of the week and promises Lana that he will be taking her with him one way or another. Dr. Thredson also sits down with Kit and tells him that he doesn’t think he’s insane, but he does think that he killed those people, but his mind is just creating the alien scenario to block out the memory. If Dr. Thredson tells the board that Kit is fit to stand trial, he will most likely get the electric chair, but if he tells them he’s insane, he’ll live out to the rest of his days in the asylum. And then Kit and Grace get caught screwing in the kitchen and both are thrown in solitary with an order from Sister Jude to have them both made sterile. It’s at this point that we find out that Grace actually did kill her father and step-mother, but only because she was being abused by them. And finally, Kit goes in and kind of confesses to the murders that he’s accused of even though he doesn’t remember committing them. When he tells Sister Jude that he doesn’t believe the alien story anymore, she gets that weird look on her face because we know from last week that she actually saw the alien in the halls of the asylum.

So, a lot going on this week with all the characters this week. The whole Dr. Arden/Grouper storyline is getting really interesting to me, I’m curious to see where it goes from here. I also found it cool how they brought Anne Frank into the mix, it’s kind of like how they brought The Black Dahlia into last season. I still don’t know how I feel about the whole alien aspect of the story; I actually feel bad for Kit and really hope that he didn’t commit the murders, but at the same time I don’t like the fact that the answer to him not doing it would be aliens…. It’s just a little far fetched for me. At least most of the other stuff is more grounded in reality, even the exorcism aspect of things could be more believable than the aliens, but maybe it’s just me. Which reminds me, we didn’t really see much of Sister Eunice this week which was disappointing. I like her character now that she’s possessed and not the timid little nun she once was.

All in all a decent episode this week, what did you guys think?