Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga at the AMA’s

I’ll admit, I watch these award shows no matter how stupid or pointless they are, but I will say that the AMA’s last night were not terrible apart from a few performances, mainly Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. The whole show was basically performances from a variety of artists like Carrie Underwood, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Keith Urban and even Whitney Houston, just to name a few. And while most of the performances were actually good, I don’t understand how anyone could possibly be a fan of Adam Lambert after that god awful display.

Lets start with the good performances, Carrie Underwood looked hot as usual and her voice was on point. I don’t listen to much country or much pop music but I didn’t mind the song she sung and she looked good doing it. Shakira, on the other hand, looked amazing while singing, but the song was a little weird and her voice just doesn’t do it for me, I don’t know what it is. On the other end of the spectrum, Kelly Clarkson. She sounded amazing as usual, but she looked pretty terrible. I know she’s put on a few pounds in the last few years and there’s nothing wrong with that, but she just did not look good last night. Now someone that is hit or miss, Fergie, she looked amazing last night. Sometimes her face kind of resembles hatchet face from Cry-Baby, while other times she looks incredible, and last night was no hatchet face. I didn’t really care for the Black Eyed Peas performance mainly for the way the guys deliver their verses (Fergie sounded alright). Keith Urban was decent, don’t listen to country so I kinda skipped it same with Whitney Houston, just had no interest. I thought the Eminem/50 Cent performance was pretty good, but I would have liked to see them do a different song, it seems like “Crack a Bottle” is their go-to awards show song. I did like the fact that Eminem did his verse from Drake’s song “Forever”, but how come Drake didn’t actually sing his part? He was obviously there as he presented an award (or announced a performance, I can’t remember). And of course Jay-Z and Alicia Keys brought the house down with Empire State of Mind, which I think is a great song even though I’m not from New York. Janet did well opening the show, was expecting a little more to it, but it was good… I’m sure I missed someone, but I can’t think of them all right now.

Let’s start with Lady Gaga. I can’t say that I hate her music, I think some of the more up beat songs like Poker Face are decent and people seem to enjoy them. I thought Paparazzi was an interesting song, not terrible, but not something I’d put on my iPod. With that said, the songs she sung last night were terrible and she looked and sounded just as bad. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but Lady Gaga is not an attractive woman. All the weird shit aside, she’s just not attractive and while I think she sounds good on her CD’s, her voice was not that impressive last night. I even thought Whitney Houston sounded better… which she should have, but lately Whitney has fallen off so that was a nice surprise. So yeah, Gaga’s performance started with her wearing some skeleton costume that looked like something out of the Halloween bargain bin and some terrible outfit that looked like it was held together by brown packing tape, it was seriously falling off and very unflattering. And for the 2nd part of the performance she climbed inside a large, clear cube and played the piano… lame.

Everything about the performance was terrible, at least at the VMA performance, she made it interesting y hanging herself at the end and covering herself in blood. This one was just ugly and boring. NEXT!

I’ve never been a fan of Adam Lambert. Yes I watched American Idol, the girlfriend loved it and there wasn’t anything else on at the time. When it was all said and done, I’m glad that Kris Allen won even though I still don’t think he has that “star” quality. So last night Lambert finally gets to make the big debut of his single “For Your Entertainment” and it was absolutely terrible. Everything about this performance was bad, the song, the dancing, Lambert himself even fell mid-way through. This performance made Lady Gaga’s performance look like a masterpiece. Complete with Lambert’s signature wailing and screeching, his ridiculous take on every note and of course the walking other dudes around as if they were dogs, thrusting faces into his crotch as he gyrates into them and then to cap it off he makes out the his keyboardist (yup, a dude). Now I have nothing against gays, I have friends that are gay, but this just seemed a little over the top. I understand there’s a bit of a double standard when it comes to this thing, a chick performer takes a dude’s head and jams it into her crotch and nobody says anything, but as soon as a guy does it to another guy it’s wrong… But personally I was pretty weirded out by it, it’s not something you see everyday and I could have done with it, but the main thing I could do without, which has been the case since American Idol, is Lambert’s singing. People think he has this amazing voice and that he’s going to be huge or whatever, but he’s absolutely terrible. The screeching and screaming, holding every note for longer than any note should be held, it’s not good and whoever told him it was should not be working the music industry. He’s not going to make it in the industry today, maybe in the late 70’s early 80’s, but today’s audience is not going to like him. I predict a huge failure for his upcoming CD (I don’t expect Kris Allen to do much better in case you were wondering). I think people are going to get annoyed by him very fast and he’s just going to fade away.

So I’m sure I missed some things, ohh, Daughtry and Rhianna were decent, but I thought the show overall was pretty good. I like that they moved away from giving out the actual awards and did a shit load of performances instead. I mean with the internet and everything, people will just go to websites to read a list of winners anyways. The only reason to watch these award shows is the hope that Kanye West will burst in front of someone and make a fool of himself.