Top 10 Background Music Tracks for YouTube Videos

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In case you haven’t heard yet when it comes to background music tracks, royalty-free music is the way to go. For just a one-time fee you can use a track over and over again whenever and wherever you wish. There’s a lot to choose from out there too.

Recently, we researched trends on YouTube and what music tracks are most successful with vendors of royalty-free music. Apparently, some of the most popular background music tracks on social media range from happy ukulele instrumentals to quirky, comical cuts and more current, chill cuts. Here are the top 10 background music tracks that YouTubers seem to love.

1. “The Happy Life”
This is an upbeat, ukulele-driven track. This lively instrumental also features glockenspiel, guitar, and piano too, giving it an uplifting sense of fun that is reportedly a favorite among those who produce kitten videos. It’s also said to be good for any advertisement, podcast or corporate video that requires a fresh, inspiring lift.

2. “Happy Go Lucky”
“Happy Go Lucky” is another upbeat ukulele-driven track. This uplifting instrumental is a positive piece that also includes bass, drums, guitars, handclaps, and even a music box. It is quite cheerful and would work well in a number of different YouTube projects. It has a modern sound popular in several commercials and pop songs too.

3. “Guardians of Oceanus”
YouTubers such as Skallagrim love epic orchestral pieces like this one. It’s a near-classic cut that has the sound reminiscent of a motion picture soundtrack. Indeed, the climax has the feel of an actual Hollywood film trailer It’s an upbeat track for any artist seeking a cinematic underscore that has enough compositional variation to keep the listener interested.

4. “Glitched Out”
This is a popular breakbeat track. It’s cool and glitchy and big enough to punch a hole through your speakers but not overly urban. It features distorted, time-stretched bass guitar, multiple reverse-samples, and a powerfully strong feel of confidence within its composition. It’s an edgy instrumental that demonstrates that some background music for YouTube can be quite hip.

5. “Motivate and Inspire”
This is positive, upbeat, and uplifting instrumental is very big with corporate clients. As a background track, it can provide just the right amount of inspiration for any business project, podcast, radio show, YouTube videos. It would also work well in any audio-video project designed to promote challenges, courage, growth, motivation or teamwork.

6. “Epic Destruction”
This is another epic orchestral cut complete with powerful, classical strings, an efficient emotive choir, and a noteworthy, exciting climax. The knife-edge strings cut through it all to facilitate a growing, upbeat feature film feel. Feel the music build as the composition creates a dramatic sense of someone on an urgent mission as the brass belts out in each section.

7. “Turn It Up”
Not to be confused with all those non-royalty free tracks of the same name, this cut is an EDM instrumental. It has a sound that is fresh familiar due to the fact that the composition is relatively new yet successfully rides that razor-edged fence between derivative and inspired. The track has a retro video gamer feel to it that just makes it fun.

8. “Bright and Happy”
Yet another ukulele-driven instrumental, this aptly named number is indeed bright and happy. Just as one of the previous pieces with kitten videos, this one seems to favor videos of puppies playing together. Ah, but this tuneful track is very versatile and has also been used in several different product ads such as Chameleon Pens.

9. “Successful Venture”
This catchy, fun track is an energetic, bright effective instrumental. It’s a favorite for use in service explainer videos and documentaries. It’s also said to be popular with those who produce promotional travel videos and upbeat commercials. The cut is a playful pop-folk piece that features bass, drums, kalimbas, ukulele, and whistling.

10. “The Sky is Opening”
If you want an inspirational light rock track then this is it. This cut is a powerful, feel-good indie music composition that just kicks in at the right moments. It includes a fluid tempo that fluctuates from medium to fast at just the right moments.

It is reportedly good for use in a number of different YouTube videos from ads and intros to corporate videos. In fact, it has been very big in the GoPro community and used in multiple time-lapse scenes such as one concerning MAMAY. You may also watch commercials like the ones that mike morse made which won their third Golden Gavel Award.

Remember, music fans, royalty-free music is great for YouTube videos. The above instrumental tracks are the top 10 background music tracks for YouTube videos. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know!