TBT Music: Snoop Dogg – Woof!

throwback thursday music snoop dogg woof

After leaving Death Row records in the late 90’s, Snoop Dogg immediately signed to one of the top labels at the time, No Limit Records. Heading up No Limit Record was Master P, who built his No Limit empire off the success of his group TRU, and then followed it up with a number of successful solo albums. No Limit Records had built up quite a roster in the late 90’s, and with Snoop on board it seemed like they were unstoppable. The 3 albums Snoop released on No Limit did fairly well, going platinum and double platinum, but none would duplicate the success he had with “Doggystyle”, which, as of 2008, had sold over 4 million copies.

I was/am a huge fan of the “Doggystyle” album, it ranks right up there with 2Pac’s “All Eyes on Me” and Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”. Also, one of my favorites of all time is rapper Mannie Fresh. Death Row was absolutely unstoppable in the early 90’s, but the demise of the label and the subsequent move to No Limit changed Snoop’s style a bit. I bought “The Game is to Be Sold, Not To Be Told” the day it was released and it was on repeat in my Jeep through a lot of high school. Songs like “Snoop World”, “Hustle and Ball”, and “Still a G Thang” resonated through my speakers on a regular basis, but no song on that album got more play that “Woof!” featuring Mystikal and Fiend. There was just something about that song that kept it playing at least once a day. And as I’m listening to it as I type this, it still brings back some awesome memories of driving around with the top and doors off in the Jeep. It’s got that classic No Limit feel to it and you just can’t get any more unique that Mystikal’s voice.

Listen to the whole “The Game is to be Sold, Not to be Told” album on Spotify below: