TBT Music: Outkast – ATLiens

outkast atliens throwback thursday music

ATLiens is the 2nd album from the dynamic hip-hop duo known as Outkast, which was released in 1996. Kids these days might know them solely as rapper Big Boi and actor/rapper Andre 3000. Outkast hasn’t released an actual album together since 2000’s Stankonia, which featured such hits as “So Fresh, So Clean”, “B.O.B. Bombs Over Baghdad”, and “Ms. Jackson”. The duo did release a double album in 2003 aptly named Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, but it was basically just two solo albums packaged as one. Andre 3000 and Big Boi have both released a couple solo albums since that time, which brought us hits like “Hey Ya” and “You Ain’t No DJ” (although there are a bunch of other tracks I love off of Big Boi’s 1st solo venture).

In my circle of friends in high school, ATLiens was referred to solely as “The naked lady CD”, due to the fact that a naked lady adorned the CD label. The song “ATLiens” was also a favorite, not only because it’s an amazing song, but because it had a ridiculous bass line that would make subwoofers go crazy. And when you’re riding around in a 1982 white Cutlass Supreme (license plate LOCASH), with 2-12″ subwoofers in the trunk (a trunk which didn’t latch all the way), you definitely got looks when you rolled down the street bumping this track… especially since we were all white kids from the north suburbs of Chicago.

This song is still a favorite of ours today and anytime it comes on will forever remind me of that car and my high school years. It’s amazing how music can take you back to a time when life wasn’t so crazy and the only thing you had to worry about was how you were going to get alcohol for the party that weekend. So enjoy this song from our childhood on this Throwback Thursday: Music Edition.