TBT Music: Blade: The Motion Picture Soundtrack

blade original soundtrack

It’s pretty rare these days to find an amazing song that solely appears on a movie’s soundtrack. Most of the time if the song is from a popular artist, and is on a soundtrack, it can also be found on that artist’s album. Through the 90’s that wasn’t always the case. I can recall a handful of amazing songs that could only be found on soundtracks and not on an artists album. And to make matters even worse, we didn’t have iTunes so we were forced to buy an entire movie soundtrack CD just to listen to that one song. Obviously these days it doesn’t matter where a song appears as you can buy just the songs you like for a fraction of the price of a full album. And yes, we did have CD singles, but I don’t recall them being $.99 or $1.99 like iTunes is now. That being said this week’s throwback thursday music edition is dedicated to one movie soundtrack that was worth the price of the full album, “Blade The Soundtrack”.

The original “Blade” movie came out in 1998 and I personally think it still holds up to this day. It’s a fun vampire flick that stars Wesley Snipes as Blade, a vampire hunter who has all of the vampires’ strengths and none of their weaknesses. It’s loosely based on a Marvel comic book character who first appeared way back in 1973, but never gained huge popularity. But as much as I can sit here and praise the movie, this post is about the music, we’ll get to the #tbt movies soon, don’t worry.

I will warn you though, if you’re not a fan of hip-hop and some techno-ish music, you’re not going to agree with me at all. However, if you are a fan of those genres of music, you should definitely give this album a try. We listened to this album non-stop when we were in high school. It’s amazing how hearing a song again can immediately transport you back in time…

A few standout tracks, if you don’t want to listen to the whole album, are: “The Edge of the Blade”, “1 2 & 1 2”, “Gangsta Bounce” and the ever popular (and repetitive) “Confusion”. I’ll even make it easy for you and embed the spotify list below.