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  • Astro Kills “I’ll Be Missing You” On The X Factor

    Astro Kills “I’ll Be Missing You” On The X Factor

    I’m not a huge fan of The X Factor, but this Astro kid caught my attention last week and he’s done it again this week. It was “rock week” this week on the show, and I use that term lightly, so Astro went with Sting/Puff Daddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You”. He switched up the lyrics…

  • Crank It Up To 11

    Happy 11-11-11. Celebrate by checking out “This is Spinal Tap” on your Xbox, iTunes and Amazon for only $4.99 until Monday. Or you can stream it on Netflix right now! If you haven’t seen this flick I definitely suggest you check it out. Long live Nigel Tufnel.

  • The X Factor: Astro – “Lose Yourself”

    If you haven’t heard of Astro from “The X Factor” I have a feeling you will. He tackled Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” last night on the show, but switched up the lyrics of the verses to his own. This kid is only 15 years old… crazy talented. I think one of these weeks LA Reid is…

  • Childish Gambino – “Camp” Review

    If you would have told me that Troy from NBC’s Community was putting out a rap record I would have said you were crazy, but I’ve been a fan of his music since before Community. I was first introduced to Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) after hearing the buzz around this movie called “Mystery Team”.…

  • Chris Brown “Look At Me Now” In MS Paint

    Chris Brown’s song “Look at me Now” featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne is a catchy song, but not nearly as good as this MS Paint interpretation of that song. Enjoy.

  • Check Us Out On The Hippopodamus as we Discuss Modern Warfare 3

    We got to talk Modern Warfare 3 with the guys over at last week as we ran through the latest information related to the game. At the time the podcast was recorded the game hadn’t leaked, as it has by this point, so we weren’t aware of all of the goodies hidden within the…