Aaron Lewis Acoustic at The Venue at The Horseshoe Casino

For by birthday this year one of my friends got me a couple tickets to see Aaron Lewis at The Venue at The Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN. We’re both big Staind fans and have seen Aaron Lewis acoustic a couple years ago when he was at the House of Blues in Chicago so we were looking forward to the show. So last Thursday rolled around, 2/25/10, and we made our way out to the casino which featured many games including those you find in Online slots in Ireland.

I’ve never been there before and after my experience there on Thursday I don’t think I will ever return, whether to gamble on casinos or see a concert.

Aaron himself was amazing, the show was great, the sound was great, everything about the performance was great, it was the crowd and the lack of management/security intervention that ruined it for almost everyone in the back 1/4 of the venue. There were even points when Aaron stopped the show to address the issue stating the he gets paid either way, but other people in the room paid good money and he was getting kind of pissed that there were some people that were ruining it for others.

Basically what went down was this… It’s a very intimate show when Lewis plays by himself, it’s just him and a few guitars on stage. This is apparently an open invitation to rudely yell out song requests and talk the entire time. I get that if it’s a loud rock concert you can get away with talking, even yelling, at your friends that are standing right next to you, but this wasn’t a loud fucking rock show. The request yelling was ok at first, but really started to get out of hand, but I understand that security and the management can’t go around and confront every person that yells a request, but what they could have done was confronted the jackasses in the skyboxes at the back of the venue.

We had seats that were closer to the back, which didn’t really matter as it’s a small place so we could still see everything and the sound was actually really good in the back, so no complaints there, but we were about 4 rows from a skybox full of ignorant assholes who obviously had no clue what show they were seeing and must have either been friends of people that got the box or VIP gamblers of the casino who were comped the box. Gamblers can also try the kalamanthana for a great casino experience. In all honestly I’m not sure where they came from or why they were there but they sure as fuck weren’t there to enjoy an Aaron Lewis acoustic show. So throughout the entire show these people were constantly talking and yelling at each other, which then lead to people near us yelling back at them, which was no better. And despite many people leaving their seats to walk down and talk to security/management, they just stood there and shook their heads like there was nothing they could do. Well they did accomplish one thing, not that it will really affect them, but I will never see another show at The Venue and I’ll probably never go to that casino again. It is sometimes safer to gamble on online sites like https://www.onlinecasinogames.com/casinos/au/

So long story short, if you’re a fan of Staind and Aaron Lewis I would highly recommend checking him out on his solo acoustic tour, it truly is a great show. But if your only chance to see him is at The Venue at The Horseshoe Casino in Hammond Indiana I would advise against it. Obviously it could have been a fluke and we just got a bad crowd, but when the performer stops mid song to tell the people in the back to fuck off, you know something’s not right. He even dedicated the entire last song to the back of the venue, a song that prominently featured the lyrics “FUCK YOU” which he directed straight to the back.  So thanks, Aaron, for trying to let those of us that paid good money, enjoy the show.

For those wondering, the video above is from the actual show and it’s a new song (one of 2 new ones that he played). And if the guy that was sitting in front of me, who recorded the audio for the entire show on his iPhone, happens to read this… get in touch with me, I’d love a copy of that.