5 Summer Music Event Essentials This Year

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With the Electric Zoo in progress and many music festivals like the Electric forest, Sasquatch Music Festival and many more coming up you should read up about the music event essentials that you might need at these events. Now a days, music is a part of every event, anyone who wants to throw a party needs to hire a country party band, call a few people and get the party started and in this age of digital connectivity every party becomes a music event. If you’ve attended the Coachella this year, you must surely have an idea that things get messy in music festivals. Here is a list of music events essentials that you must have:

Sunscreen and Allergy Medicine

If you plan on attending a music event, the first thing on your list of things that you must have should be sunscreen. Most music events are held in an open environment that means that there is little or no protection from the sun if you forget your sunscreen. Another problem that may arise is that with hundreds of people dancing to Beyoncé’s new track or Jay-Z’s new beat there is bound to be dust in the air you should keep your allergy medicine nearby.

Comfortable Shoes

The fashion statement at music festivals is a whole other level, and everyone is aware of that. However, while at a music event one should wear comfortable shoes or at least keep them in their bag. These music events demand a lot of energy, and if you’ve got blisters, it isn’t going to be a fun experience at all. Follow the style statement take some pictures but then change into comfortable shoes and enjoy the event.


When you first think of going to a music festival you believe that you’ll make the most of it, you’re not going to sit around like others yours going to be at the front making the most out of every moment. However that may not be how it turns out, you will surely get tired. Be sure to take a canopy with you, that way when you do get tired you will have a place to rest without all the dirt and the sun shining right at your face.

Solar charger or a Power Bank

Another thing that you must have is a solar charger or a power bank. In a place filled with hundreds of people, it is easy to lose your friend. Now imagine if at that exact moment you run out of battery too. That wouldn’t be the best time to stand in a line to get your cell phone charged, so it’s better to have a solar charger with you to save yourself from such situations. Better safe than sorry.

If you do invest in a solar charge make sure it’s from a reliable source you don’t want to save money while you get it and find out it doesn’t work the second day of Coachella.


While it might be in style too, it can serve as something to cover your face with if the dust becomes too much to handle, as something to wipe your face when it gets too hot, something to tie your hair with.


About the Author:
Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes guitarist. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and listens to live music. She regularly posts at Green Light Booking.