4th Floor Rock Band

As we do every labor day weekend my family headed up to northern Wisconsin to go boating, jet skiing, golfing and drinking. I have an aunt/uncle and cousins that live up that way, but the rest of the family lives near Chicago, so those of us around Chicago head up every year to see them. So Saturday night my cousins from up there were going to walk down the street to check out a local rock band that they were friends with. They thought I would like the band and it was something to do other than sitting around the resort which can get a little boring at night. So we walked down the road to the local watering hole, which is basically what you’d expect from a local woodland bar.

The band was setup on a small wooden stage in the corner of the backyard surrounded by a bunch of picnic tables. We found an empty spot and sat down expecting a fairly shitty cover band, but that’s not what we got. 4th Floor is the name of the band and I was completely blown away by what I heard. Sure they didn’t play a whole lot of original stuff, but the covers they played were impressive and the originals that they did play were pretty good. I think there was only one song that I didn’t really care for and it was their last song of the night. It was more screaming than singing and I can’t really get into that kinda stuff, but up until that point every song they played was good. I don’t know too much about them besides what I saw this weekend, but if you’re into bands like Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Seether and that kinda stuff, you’ll probably enjoy these guys. So if you have a second give the song above a listen and if you like them head on over to their youtube channel or myspace page and listen to some other tracks.

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