2010 MTV VMAs

2010 mtv vma

Hey! The 2010 VMAs were on last night! Oh, you didn’t care? That’s alright, you didn’t miss much. I didn’t even really want to write a post about this, but it’ll probably be the talk of the web for the next 20 or 30 minutes so I figured why not get some free traffic cause of it.

Let’s not waste anytime here so we can get through this as fast as possible… Chelsea Handler hosted and she was absolutely terrible. I don’t know why she was chosen to host, but even if her talk show is funny and she is normally a funny person, she was NOT funny last night… at all. And I’m pretty sure she was wasted, which I guess is normal for her. Either way, everything about her was terrible and she should have been cut completely out of the show. Also, enough with the Jersey Shore already. It was entertaining for the first season because we didn’t know who these people were, now they are clearly just acting because they know people are watching and can make money off of it. Good for them, at least they know that they have no career after the hype dies down so they are trying to make as much money as they can right now, but seriously why do people still watch this shit. Someone needs to banish Snooki back to the bridge they found her under.

As far as the actual awards go there was nothing unexpected, Lady Gaga won a bunch of crap and Justin Bieber won the “text in” award for Best New Artist.. no surprise. As for performances, I don’t get the hype surrounding Nicki Minaj (she performed during the preshow). She tries to be weird just for the sake of being weird and her songs suck… period. Eminem and Rihanna had a solid opening for the show, but it was pretty much what I was expecting from them. I would have liked to see another guest come out, like Drake, or something, but it was solid enough. I fast forwarded through Taylor Swift because she can’t sing live and I didn’t really care to hear a song she wrote about the Kanye incident last year… get over it already. There was some other chick I’ve never heard of that performed which I also fast forwarded through because the song sucked. B.O.B., Bruno Mars and Paramore was alright although I didn’t really care for the Paramore song… and Linkin Park was cool mainly for the fact that they performed at the Observatory so it made for a really cool backdrop (I’m still indifferent on their new music). Drake’s performance was alright. I do kind of like the song he sung, but there was just no energy there and I got bored about half way through. And finally Kanye west… what a douche. He writes a song calling himself a douche yet he still comes off as a douche. I didn’t mind the blood red suit as I thought it worked pretty well on the all white backdrop, but the ballet dancers and what not just seemed like he was trying too hard. And what was up with that autotuned microphone?!??! Absolutely terrible. I won’t buy his CD, I won’t even pirate it and I’ll most likely change the station when the songs come on the radio… so basically no different than I’ve done since “Through The Wire” which, in my opinion, is his only decent song.

Outside of the actual music and awards, it seemed as though MTV had no idea when they were supposed to go to commercial and when they weren’t. There were times when an artist would be singing on the upper catwalk by the mouse DJ and they would cut to commercial mid-song… It was almost as if they weren’t even supposed to show that, but they wanted to tease us and give us a glimpse of what everyone else was seeing during the breaks… it was dumb and confusing.

So really the only good things about last night’s VMAs were, Eminem’s performance, Linkin Park’s performance, the stage setup (which was actually really fucking cool) and Katy Perry’s dress. Everything else was pretty bad and pointless and if you missed it you didn’t miss much.