2009 Grammy Awards

I wanted to make a post about the Grammy Awards when it was over, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit through this crap much longer so I’m writing it now. I really only wanted to see MIA, TI, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye West perform Swagga Like Us, just because I thought it would be interesting. Personally I can’t stand Kanye West, but I think the performance will be decent, but sadly I don’t think I’m going to last that long. I can’t stand watching people present awards to songs that are so fuckin shitty it’s a wonder someone actually thought they were good enough to promote *cough* coldplay *cough*. And how is Coldplay considered a Rock Band and put in the same category as Metallica? That makes no sense at all.

So I’ve decided I will not write a re-cap post about the Grammy awards and I will not tell you who in what categories, because it’s pretty pointless if you ask me. I’m switching over to MTV now to check out Rob Dyrdek’s new show along with Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus and I’m even going to give The College Humor show and that other news show a shot. We’ll see how good those last 2 are, but I’m really looking forward to Travis and Rob. I’ll be back in a bit to post about them.

But before I change over… why the fuck does Morgan Freeman have a fake hand?