Zack and Miri Can’t Beat High School Musical 3

Zack and Miri Make A Porno

Zack and Miri Make A Porno has been surrounded by controversy ever since the first poster was released. The poster was then changed to stick figures, but then people started complaining about the word “porno” in the title. Apparently some parents were outraged at the word since they would have to be the ones to explain to their children what the word “porno” means. Is it that hard to just say, adults fucking, and be done with it? It’s an R rated movie, you’re kids won’t be seeing it anyways (if you’re a good parent), so just explain that it’s a movie for grown-ups… problem solved. I don’t understand why people get so up in arms over trivial shit like the title of a movie. Oh but they do it because their kids will ask them what it means… Ok, well then it’s your job to be a good parent and either explain it to them or tell them what I said before. A poster for a movie is not going to make your kid want to do porn, you’re shitty parenting skills are what’s going to turn your child into the next Dirk Diggler or Roller Girl. Oh those aren’t real porn stars? They were just in a movie about the porn industry? And that one didn’t take any shit from parents? weird…

Aside from all the negative press, the movie did come out in theaters this past weekend. And while I would have loved to have seen it and given my money to Kevin Smith and Seth Rogan, I went and saw SAW V instead. However, it looks as if Smith and Co. could have used my money, the flick only took in about $10.7 million taking #2 at the box office behind Zac Effron’s cash cow, High School Musical 3, which took in another $15 million. Definitely a disappointment for everyone involved. I think they were banking on the fact that Seth Rogan has been gold at the box office for everything he’s been in lately, but it looks as though something didn’t click with movie goers on this one. I think the movie premise looks funny as hell and I love Kevin Smith movies, but it seems as though not a lot of people enjoy their comedies with tons of witty dialogue, who knows.

Did anyone see it this weekend? What did you think?