WTH? – How To Deal With Your Midlife Crisis



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A midlife milestone sends a long-married couple into an uproarious tailspin in This is
40. Audiences fell in love with contentiously loving couple Pete and Debbie in Judd
Apatow’s comedy sensation Knocked Up. Five years later Apatow reunites with his
hilarious creations as Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprise their roles as husband
and wife balancing the challenges and rewards of marriage and parenthood with the
milestone of turning 40.

Horrified by the thought of turning 40? Have no fear as this feature gives five simple tips to
keep your cool and breeze through that midlife crisis.

Find a Hobby


Pete and one of his best friends take up bicycling as they enter their 40s. Not only is
bicycling a great way to burn calories and keep yourself in shape (especially if you love
to sneak cupcakes like Pete does), but joining a bike club can also prove to be a great
way to make friends and engage with other people your age (whatever that age may
be)! Other fun, active hobbies to consider are hiking, swimming, and taking dance/
fitness classes.

Make An Effort to Be Healthier


Starting a healthy, new hobby isn’t the only way to make your body feel better as you
approach that fourth decade of life! You should also be more vigilant about going to the
doctor for your annual visits, and be more open to trying different types of medicine (e.g.
Eastern vs. Western) to make your body feel better overall. Debbie takes these steps to
help ensure that she and Pete will have at least 40 more years together!

Surround Yourself With Hip, Young Friends


Having younger friends or coworkers is a way to help keep you up on the latest trends
in music, fashion, film, etc. – things you might not have as much time for as you’re
having kids and settling down. At the very least, your younger group of acquaintances
can provide a constant source of entertainment as you watch their hilarious 20-
something antics.

Try Harder


Going through a midlife crisis is hard! But there are some things that you just never
want to do to try to make it better, and one of them is to give up. Don’t abandon your
family or friends in search of something new and exciting – those are the people that
have been there for you and will continue to be. Instead of getting divorced, work on
your marriage. Want to quit your job? Maybe try to fix the problems there first before
embarking on a new adventure. The harder you try, the more rewarding your life will
ultimately be.

Spend More Time With Your Kids


Turning 40 can be tough – but it’s nothing that some quality time with your kids can’t
ease. There’s something about their youthful optimism and unfiltered views on the world
that can almost always put things into perspective. Remembering to take the time to
think about them and not be overly concerned with work, the economy, etc. will offer a
nice reprieve from 40-something daily life.