“Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines” DVD Review

wrong turn 5 bloodlines dvd review

I knew there was a “Wrong Turn”, I also knew there was a “Wrong Turn 2”, as I own it, what I wasn’t aware of is the fact that there is a “Wrong Turn 3” and a “Wrong Turn 4”. So imagine my surprise when “Wrong Turn 5” showed up to review for halloween. Obviously none of the original cast is back for this one so don’t expect to see Eliza Dushku running around the woods covered in blood, looking all sexy. Instead we have a group of no-name actors who we’re groomed to hate so that we don’t care when they get mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of the hillbillies. And that’s essentially what this installment in the series is about.

A group of kids are in town for the legendary Mountain Man music festival that takes place every year in a small West Virginia town. Things take a “wrong turn” as they almost hit a man crossing the street as they are making their way to the fairgrounds. When the man brandishes a weapon, the kids start beating the daylights out of him until the police arrive to break things up. Seeing as how their car is loaded with drugs, all of the kids get thrown in jail, along with the man they almost hit, which turns out to be a bad move. The man in the street, Maynard, is the father of 3 deformed hillbillies that roam the countryside looking for strangers to kill and eat. So when they witness their father hauled off by the police, they make it a point to break him out, but not before killing anyone that tries to get in their way.

That is the basic premise of the story, it’s simple and to the point; it definitely doesn’t try to be anything more than it is. The movie is ok for what it is, a low-budget, 5th installment to a series that really shouldn’t have had  sequel to begin with. The death scenes are ridiculously over-the-top and totally unbelievable. The fact that there is only one police officer at the station on the business night of the year, festival night, doesn’t make any sense. And the fact that three hillbillies can cause so much damage and kill so many people is just flat out ludicrous. Not to mention the hillbillies looked terrible, and not in a good way. The makeup was sloppy, the design of their faces wasn’t very convincing; they just looked like deformed sideshow freaks. Needless to say, I would stay clear of this one if you can. There are much better horror movies out there to check out for halloween; you’re better off not wasting your time here.

The Video and audio were actually really good on this one. You would think, being on the low-budget end of things, this one would fail in areas like visibility in low-light and things like that, but it never really faltered. There are a lot of dark scenes in the movie, most of it takes place at night in a town with no power, but everything is still crystal clear and visible. The video and audio are definitely the shining light of this flick.

If the video and audio are the shining light of the DVD, then the special features are whatever the opposite of that would be… because there are none. I did have an advance screener, not the retail DVD, so there’s a chance that special features will make it to the final release, but I can’t promise anything.

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is out on DVD today! October 23, 2012