“War Horse” Blu-Ray Review

war horse blu-ray review

Well hello fellow Acslater.com visitors. I hope everyone has had a good month and keeping up with all the great news. Today I will be doing a short review on the highly award winning movie “War Horse”, directed and produced by the legend Steven Spielberg. I first heard about this movie from my father who loves the whole war movie scene, and said it was an excellent movie. He was not wrong at all. This movie was stunning beautiful in all aspects; story, cinematography, etc. So lets dive into a little bit about this movie.

The story follows, as you can tell by the title, a horse, whose name is Joey. This horse was raised and trained by Albert Narracott, played by Jeremey Irvine. His horse ends up being sold to a British calvary officer, whom is played by Tom Hiddleston, to partake in World War 1. This of course makes Albert want to enlist in the army because of the amazing bond he had with his horse Joey. The calvary is rendered pretty useless in this war because of the emergence of the automatic weapons as well as tanks. Joey somehow, magically makes it through the onslaught of his fellow horses as the calvary gets mowed down. Joey eventually gets caught and ends up having to work behind the German lines pulling heavy equipment. Albert eventually gets to enlist and is reunited with his friend as their paths cross after both have overcome every obstacle in their way. Oh yeah and I can’t forget the bond that Joey makes with a black horse named Topthorn, whom made it through all of the disasters as well.


War Horse comes at you in a gorgeous 1080p. The color levels are deep and lush. The close ups, which usually can be muffled, were amazing. You could see every bit of the battlefield from debris to a speck of dirt. The horses were also gorgeous. Their luster and shine showed the true beauty of these amazing animals.


The audio was as crisp and gorgeous as the picture. The audio is presented in Disney’s DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, and as we know everything with Disney is pretty amazing. I played this on my surround sound, and I almost felt as if I was there. You could hear the horses from every channel, as well as the battle scenes where there was machine gun fire. It was very crisp and never muffled. Definitely one of the most clear sounding movies I have heard in a long time.

Special Features

The movie came packaged in a 4-disc combo, two being the dvd and digital copy versions. The extra features were pretty cool, if you have the time to basically watch another movie!

War Horse: The Journey Home
This was basically a panel discussion with the director Steven Spielberg hosting, and discussing, with both the creative team as well as the cast of the movie. This runs 20 minutes and shows a good insight into the movie.

An Extras Point of View
This part introduces you to an extra named Martin Dew, and his reason why he was brought into the movie War Horse. 3 Minutes

Editing and Scoring
This takes you into the minds of film editor Michael Kahn and music composer John Williams as they discuss their love of the story as well as their long relationship with Spielberg. Runs 9 Minutes.

The Sounds of War Horse
Sound guy Gary Rydstrom takes you through the challenging task in creating the sounds for the movie. Runs 7 Minutes

A Filmmaking Journey
Spielberg takes you behind the scenes and shows you the creation of this masterpiece. Runtime 64 Minutes.

Through the Producers Lens
The producer of the film, Kathleen Kennedy, shares some memorable moments in the film sharing photos, as well as her appreciation for Spielberg as a visionary. Runtime 4 Minutes

This movie was at times a pretty tear jerking movie, as it is with all movies involving animals. No I did not cry, but at times you really felt your heart sink as well as rise when you see the characters overcome adversity. This is definitely one of the best movies I have seen this year, and I am sure most of you would agree. If you get the chance to check out the extra features, I would recommend some of them. They are a very good compliment to a great movie. Well see you next time.

war horse blu-ray review